happy momma’s day

For Mother’s Day, I plan to continue cleaning my house then watch the Season Finale of Survivor in peace. I may make the family watch it with me. Rader likes Survivor, so he’ll watch. Either way, that’s what I want.

I took a quiz this morning to find out who my inner rock chick is. Heh.

You Are Ani Difranco!

Honest, real, and well liked.

You’re not limited by any boundaries.

“And you can call me crazy

But I think you’re as lazy as white paint on the wall”

Who’s yours?

Ian had confirmation last night. We were almost blown away by a tornado, but we survived. I have no idea if the sirens went off–the church was quite loud. It was a bilingual service and we had 65 kids to confirm, so it was a very long service. Thankfully, it wasn’t the 3 hours we were told it would be. I think they told us to prepare for 3 hours so that when the service was ‘only’ 2 hours long, we’d be grateful.

I’ll post pictures when I can find my camera cord. Sigh.

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