Wow. Didn’t see that one coming.

When Amanda won immunity, in my mind, it was over. She was hands down the winner. She was the one person who betrayed the fewest people.

So imagine my surprise when Parvati won. Not that I don’t like Parvati, I do. But honestly, I didn’t expect her to win. She was the player to take to the finals because when you stacked her up against Amanda or Cirie, she was the obvious loser.

Color me surprised.

Fans vs. Favorites was the best season ever. Great players. Fantastic twists. And a love affair to die for. When Ozzy professed his love for Amanda, I melted. “I am angry because you [Parvati] took away 14 more days I could’ve spent with Amanda.”


And they’re still together. Maybe we’ll have another Survivor wedding…

Let me also add, no matter how brilliant Erik’s blindside was last week, he is still my favorite player ever. He even beats out Yau Man and Rupert. I love me some Leif Garret Erik. My sweet little ice cream scooper.

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