working for the weekend…

The vacay is over.

I’ve taken a part-time job. The good news is, it’s a quiet, laid back company and I’m just answering the phone and doing odds and ends. I was ‘recruited’ by a friend of mine who is the HR director here. He’s been after me since August to come work here full-time, but honestly, I need to keep half of my day available to write. Especially with the boys sports and summer coming. So, I’m working 8-1 Monday-Friday.

Everyone here has been very nice and welcoming. That’s a good thing. Cuz I don’t need no drama.

Ian graduated 8th grade last night and is now on his way to Washington DC for his class trip.

Favorite moment last night? When Rader commented that he wouldn’t be in the choir because singing was just ‘high pitched whispering’.

Least favorite moment? Realizing the little boy who’s bottom once fit in the palm of my hand, will be in high school in just a few months. Sigh. I want my 5lb 6oz treefrog back.

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