today’s moment in irony…

I went to Sam’s Club to buy beer, sodas, and snacks. We’re going to have a houseful of British soccer coaches next week, and they require an insane amount of beer and water to sustain life. (and yes, Grant will be here..I can’t wait. I haven’t seen my wee laddie in 2 years!)

Anyway, as I’m leaving Sam’s, a man stops me and asks me if I’d like to help save a life.

“Pardon?” I ask.

“Would you care to help save a life and support the alcohol abstinence program?”

“Abstinence?” I say, glancing at my buggy. I count 3 suitcases of Bud and then a case of good beer. “Um. No. Not today. Thanks.”

Sigh. Know your audience people. Besides, you should be teaching moderation. All or nothing is not the way to go.

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