Daily Tweets for 06/19/08

Daily Tweets
08:16 you know what? unlimited income and a cabana boy would be a very good thing. just saying… #
09:01 1 hour down…4 to go. I forsee a long-ass-day. #
09:01 twitter is irritating me. It’s only taking some of my tweets. #
10:34 having a mt. dew for the first time in ages. Woo that’s sweet. Why doesn’t the machine at work stock Coke Zero? #
11:51 gave in and sent MSNBC an email about ‘bodice rippers’. I’m like a dog with a bone… #
12:32 speaking of bones…sending love @lillianfeisty! #
12:55 4 minutes and counting. #
13:10 Gas prices r killing me #
15:35 for today’s moment in irony: tinyurl.com/6p6m89 #
17:04 trying to figure out what I want to do tonight. Kinda want to just veg in front of the tv. #
17:30 having a lovely Diamond Bear beer. Yum. #
20:12 @SouthernGrowth yes. but I won’t tell. #
20:15 watching Hell’s Kitchen again with Fishdog. #
20:21 from mark: Did you say “tarted up” or ‘tarded up? Cuz there’s a difference. #
20:53 Diamond Bear Brewery is based in Little Rock…and their Pale Ale is Rock. Awesome. #
21:15 watching Swingtown. I had high hopes. It’s kinda boring. #

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