communicable language

I’ve decided…the coaches are contagious. (no. not THAT kinda contagious. sheesh. How would I know. Besides, they all swear their mouth sores have healed…)

Here are a few things my children have picked up this week after hanging out with 10 Brits.

  1. Oy! Oy! Oy! (before the Brits, it was Yo! Yo! Yo!)
  2. That’s Ledge! or That’s Legend! or Legendary!
  3. Class. (which is short for ‘class act’)
  4. Outrageous. (which replaces ‘unbeliveable or seriously’)

Another thing we’ve discovered–they can’t walk by a mirror without primping. Cracks me up.

Don’t get me wrong, they are good-looking lads, but I seriously haven’t seen boys that interested in their appearance since Make Me a Supermodel. One of the lads takes longer to get ready than any woman I know. Now, the results are fantastic, but seriously, that’s a lot of primping.

Ian is fascinated by the coaches…especially their primping routine. He studied Justin last night and you could see his mind working. I’m wondering if this will result in a new and improved hygiene routine. He’s got quite a bit of admiration going on for these lads. It’s a nice change from before.

Sadly, last night they were going out on the town, but due to the hour+ primp sessions, they didn’t get downtown until nearly midnight. And the host mom that took them out, took them to Cajun’s…which is a hopping meat market, if you’re 40+. And it had a $15 cover charge…which was a total rip off. Sigh. I don’t think these guys are looking for a MILF…and if they are, well, I know one or two who would quickly line up for the job. LOL Hopefully tonight’s party will be Legendary. If it’s not, we’ll take them to the real bars.

As promised, here are a few pictures. I’ll post more later. Last night was “dress your coach” night, so I have some love photos 0of the coaches wearing dresses and such. Quite a lot of fun…

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