weekend recap

Nashville was fantastic! I haven’t downloaded my pics yet, but I will this week. It was so great to visit with Grant and his family and meet his girlfriend (who I liked tremendously). Despite my raging tiredness, I had a great time.

We had dinner at a steakhouse called The Stockyard. It was fantastic, but don’t go there unless you’re willing to spend a minimum of $50/person. Seriously.

Nashville is about a 4.5 hour drive from Little Rock (depending on traffic) but when you drive to and from in 24 hours, it can be a little grueling, so I spent Sunday trying to recover. I did that by hanging out with YA Author Stacey Jay and her little munchkins Sunday morning, then watching soccer in the rain Sunday afternoon. I know all my British friends think that’s how football soccer is supposed to be played, but trust me, I’m not that girl. Not as a spectator anyway. Now when I was actually playing sports, I loved playing in the rain. But it’s not fun as a fan.

Even though this wasn’t a holiday weekend, it felt like it. But today I’m well rested and ready to take on the world.

Anything good, bad, or ugly happen to you this weekend? Wanna share?

Mel+Chuck Bass=2gether 4ever

my wee scottish lad

The summer of 2006, we hosted a couple of soccer coaches from the UK for the first time (Grant and Simon). We fell smack in love with these kids and have stayed in touch with them over the years.

Grant still lives in the states–he works for Challenger Sports as a Regional Director out of Cincinnati. We saw him last summer when he was still traveling as a coach, but we haven’t had the pleasure so far this year.

But we will tonight. His mum and pop are visiting from Scotland and we’re all meeting in Nashville, which is about 4 hours or so from both of us. We’ll just be there one night, but it will be one very fun night, I promise.

Here are the posts from the first time I met Grant’s parents:

Will post pics Monday! Y’all have a great weekend. And please take some time today to remember those we lost 8 years ago.

some of my favorite things

My bulletin board above my desk. You’ll see my Scotland mementos that my wee lad Grant sent me a couple of years ago. (He’s living in the states full time now…in Cincinnati and he’s loving it.)
This is a necklace that I made. I love it. I wear it a lot.

This is the Tshirt my college girlfriends/bridesmaids made for me to wear at my Bachelorette party 15.5 years ago.
Here’s a close-up. Yes, those are all pictures of me. No I’m not going to tell you what the ‘thought bubble’ says.
Every Thursday my girlfriends and I get together at Cheers and we’re waited on by Adolfo and we giggle and laugh. I love the laughing. Lately, I’ve needed a lot of laughter.
Ruby. Seriously, how could you not love that face?
This was my wedding present from Fishdog.

This was one of the first things Nemo made for me when he was taking pottery. I love my crocodile.
My Crackberry. If you don’t understand the love of the Crackberry…you don’t have one.

Rader’s laughter. Look familiar?

We’re sassy!

John Cleese:

won’t be long

before Brother Joe and clan arrive. We’re having Salsa Chicken, wild rice, and salad.

And beer.

You know, I realized that even though I’m down a size since March, I’m now stagnant in my weightloss again. I’ve reverted back to some bad habit *koff* beer *koff* and I’ve stopped walking and going to the gym. I gotta get back on the wagon. So, after the 4th, I’m back on track. There will be no more very little partying. I can’t stop now!

I got a text from Grant. They’re having a blast at the Lake of the Ozarks. Can you imagine the havoc 20 or so hot British Soccer players are causing right about now? I bet there isn’t a cold bed in that county this week.

Those were the days…

thanks, y’all

I really appreciate the love during yesterday’s slight meltdown.

I’m all better now. Promise. It was just bad news at a bad time and now it’s over. We all have shitty days sometimes.

My BIL and his family are going to be here today. (you’ll see him comment as ‘brother joe’ sometimes.) I’m excited. We haven’t seen them in two years. Unfortunately, my house is still a wreck after the British Invasion over the weekend. So, I’m having Fishdog put our slaves kids to work today. Hopefully they won’t be here til sometime tonight. Otherwise, they may rethink their decision to stay with us cuz the house is just this side of Zoo.

Do y’all have big plans for the weekend? We’re headed to the lake on the 5th–staying here for the 4th. Decided it would be better to stay away from the lake crowd on Friday and hit it Saturday. Probably will be just as crowded, but who cares. It’ll stil be fun.

With any luck, next week some of the lads from ‘Team Maumelle’ will be back to run a camp in Bryant. (my hometown) Hopefully we’ll get to see them. Justin said he thought he might get assigned to that camp, which would be awesome. Maybe I’ll get a few more ‘morning’ pictures. 🙂

I know Grant won’t be in Bryant–which is sad for us, but oh well. He’s going for a full-time job here in the states. If he gets it, then we’ll be seeing him more. That’ll be good for us. I miss him when he’s gone. He really is a part of our family.

So, tell me about your plans. What’s going on over the 4th? And to my Canadian friends, did you do anything fun yesterday? Happy Belated Canada Day!

back to the grind

Well, I’ve recovered from the British invasion…though seriously, if they all showed back up tomorrow, I’d do it all over again. The best thing about these guys (besides how unbelievably freaking hot they are) is that they’re just really great lads. We make new friends every year…and we love it.

Today I’m blogging over at Fictionistas talking about Summertime…did you have a summer job or was it your job to play?

Click on the banner:

Here’s a few more pics from last week…for your enjoyment.

Fishdog is the real hero of the week. 🙂

good to know

You know when people tell you that the older you get, the harder it is to stay out late and party?

Totally true.

I had 2 lovely drinks of this fabulous concoction my tall hunk of Manchester love, Justin, made me. Barely even a buzz…yet with a 2:00 bed time and a 9:00 rise time (which is really late for me) I’m feeling like I was hit by a train. No headache and no hangover. Just really damn tired.

New favorite drink in the world?
Vanilla Vodka + Coke (will replace with Coke Zero tonight)

OMGYum. Tastes like a Coke Float. I kid you not. Keep this away from all children. Proceed with caution.

communicable language

I’ve decided…the coaches are contagious. (no. not THAT kinda contagious. sheesh. How would I know. Besides, they all swear their mouth sores have healed…)

Here are a few things my children have picked up this week after hanging out with 10 Brits.

  1. Oy! Oy! Oy! (before the Brits, it was Yo! Yo! Yo!)
  2. That’s Ledge! or That’s Legend! or Legendary!
  3. Class. (which is short for ‘class act’)
  4. Outrageous. (which replaces ‘unbeliveable or seriously’)

Another thing we’ve discovered–they can’t walk by a mirror without primping. Cracks me up.

Don’t get me wrong, they are good-looking lads, but I seriously haven’t seen boys that interested in their appearance since Make Me a Supermodel. One of the lads takes longer to get ready than any woman I know. Now, the results are fantastic, but seriously, that’s a lot of primping.

Ian is fascinated by the coaches…especially their primping routine. He studied Justin last night and you could see his mind working. I’m wondering if this will result in a new and improved hygiene routine. He’s got quite a bit of admiration going on for these lads. It’s a nice change from before.

Sadly, last night they were going out on the town, but due to the hour+ primp sessions, they didn’t get downtown until nearly midnight. And the host mom that took them out, took them to Cajun’s…which is a hopping meat market, if you’re 40+. And it had a $15 cover charge…which was a total rip off. Sigh. I don’t think these guys are looking for a MILF…and if they are, well, I know one or two who would quickly line up for the job. LOL Hopefully tonight’s party will be Legendary. If it’s not, we’ll take them to the real bars.

As promised, here are a few pictures. I’ll post more later. Last night was “dress your coach” night, so I have some love photos 0of the coaches wearing dresses and such. Quite a lot of fun…

[insert clever title]

Not feeling the title love this morning. Feel free to title this particular post whatever you wish. You can even leave your suggestion in the comments. Who knows? Maybe I’ll even listen.

Yesterday was a very long day for my #2 son, Rader. Camp in the morning, in 90 degree heat, 90% humidity and not a cloud in the sky. But he’s loving camp this year. He came home and rested, then had two 3v3 games last night. I thought he would do that instead of going to camp…but no, he wanted to do both. So he played his two 30 minute games, then asked to go back out to camp. What a trooper!

Fishdog says he looked like warmed over death this morning. I’m sure all this activity is wearing on him, but it’s good for him.

One of the coaches calls him “Oakland” now. That cracks me up because one of the questions we often got after Rader was born was “So, you must really be an Oakland fan?” Um. No. Spelled different, but thanks for asking.

The other question we often got: “You must’ve really liked M*A*S*H.”


No. His name is not Radar. Besides, if I were gonna name a kid after a M*A*S*H character, it would’ve been Hawkeye. Sheesh.

I’ve been lax with my picture taking this round. I will recitfy that tonight. We took some pics at the cookout on Monday, and I’ll be sure to take some at tonight’s gathering. There’s a scrimmage between the Brits and the Americans on Friday…I’ll definitely get pictures that night!

I know y’all are getting tired of me keeping the lads to myself…which is no hardship let me tell ya.