glorious rain and 14 year old boys

We haven’t had rain in probably two months here at Chez Francis. But for the last two and a half days, that has changed.

It’s been raining a steady amount. And the temps are amazingly fantastic. Fall temperatures in the morning. Like right now, it’s in the 60s! I mean, WOW! The high is supposed to be 80 today. That’s the normal sunrise temperature for August so this is a blessed relief.

This is the last official week of summer. The boys had their long hairs cut off the other day. Now they are both back to their good Catholic school boy look. Though there is nothing ‘good’ about either one of those boys.

For example.

Yesterday I was teasing the boys about my upcoming week at the beach. I showed them the house I would be staying in and this is the conversation that followed:

Ian says: Take me. Pleeeease.
Me: No. It’s just me and 12 other women.
Ian: oOh women. How old?
Me: 29 and up
Ian: (eyes and smile get wide) 29 huh? perfect.
Me: Ian! Don’t be a pig!
Ian: I’m not a pig, I use a Trojan brand condom.

Yes, that’s what he said. It’s from a commercial…see below for the hilarious TV version. The radio one ends with “Don’t be a pig. Use a Trojan brand condom.”

Oh what have I created?

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