Good? vibrations…

I must be putting off some kind of weird vibe or pheromone this week. Seriously. The creepers are coming out of the woodwork! And it’s not just me…several of my friends have had weird creeper messages, FB inboxes, texts, and experienced generally inappropriate behaviors from strangers.

Maybe it’s the planetary alignment or something. Isn’t there an eclipse coming up? That’s gotta be why the weirdos are making themselves known.

Hmmm. The Solar Eclipse isn’t until the 10th. Are we gonna have to deal with the crazies until then?

I’m in another goofy mood today. I think the barometric pressure is getting to me! Or maybe, I’m feeling a little wacky because the weather dudes are predicting snow in Northwest Arkansas for tomorrow. SNOW???? in May!? It’s supposed to be cold on Friday night, possibly in the 30s. WTF happened to spring? This has been the strangest weather pattern I’ve ever seen in my life.

It’s Thursday…Let’s get this weekend started early, shall we? And creepers beware. I’m in no mood for your awkward and socially unacceptable propositions. Move along to someone who actually requires attention to feed their insecurities and make themselves feel better… Your services are not needed here.

Ruby and I want it to be warm again.

We want this

Not this:

So thanks for the rain last night, Mother Nature, but we’d like our 70 degree weather back. I understand you have plans to dip into the 30s in some places in Arkansas tonight. Let’s hope (for your sake) you don’t mean Central Arkansas…specifically at The Compound. Because if that happens, then you need to watch your back. That’s not a threat. It’s a warning. I’ve heard rumors that people are calling for your resignation. And they may force you out…it’ll be a Weather Center coup. They’ll go hard and you will not win. The damn Groundhog is on their list as well. Y’all have been warned, so take heed.

In other news, eh. That’s about it. I’m back to feeling 100% again. Antibiotics seem to be working on my ear infection. Headaches are gone. Smiles have returned. Life is good. Now if it would just stay warm enough for me to get a lovely kiss of color on my skin…

It’s a bright, bright, sunshiny day!

You’re welcome for the ear worm.

It is actually a beautifully bright and sunshiny day here in The Rock. I’m happy to say that Marissa and I will be walking outside instead of at the gym. This is a good thing. Rain will be rolling in tonight, so probably we’ll be doing the inside work out tomorrow.

I updated my progress at FCR today. Go forth and see how many inches I’ve lost in 23 days

Yesterday’s pain-in-the-membrane finally went away about 3:30. Thank goodness, because I was getting tired of squinting and rubbing my head. Yay for lots of Advil, caffeine and sugar!

Well, today’s blog is short and sweet. I’ll leave you with a funny pug gif that made me laugh.

a melfellaneous mish mash

So, the big ‘controversial’ news this week is that the AP Stylebook has removed the term “illegal immigrant” and officially replaced it with “undocumented immigrant.”


You know why it’s good? Because immigrants are human and humans cannot be illegal only their actions. They are literally people who entered the country illegally. This makes them undocumented (adjective describing the lack of legal paperwork to support the person’s presence) immigrants (noun the defines a person who comes to a country to take up residence).

It is illegal (adjective describing an action not authorized by law) for any person to immigrate to this country without documentation. Therefore they are undocumented immigrants.


If we don’t see them as humans, we begin to lose our humanity. Yes, we need immigration reform, but more than anything, we need to remember that immigrants (documented or otherwise) are human.

What else did I want to talk about this morning?

Oh yeah! My kid asked me this morning if I would take him to the hazynation reunion show this weekend. OMG. LOL This is a band that I first saw when they opened for the Gunbunnies at Juanita’s…another local favorite band at the time. We were at almost every local show they played for the longest time. There was this one chick who was also at every show that we called “Windmill chick”. She was awesome. She danced by windmilling her arms and doing this hoppy march to the beat.

Hmmmm. Anything else? The weather was awesomely stormy last night. There were some tornadoes in the state, but the majority of Central Arkansas just endured heavy rains, thunder, lightning and wind. And the temp dropped to in the 40s after being 80! Once the house cooled off, it was perfect snuggling weather.

Happy Thursday, y’all! Today is hair day! My Go Go Red will be shining bright like a ruby today!

Hope you enjoyed today’s Mel-O-Jumble. Get your sparkle on and make these clouds go away, you hear?

happy friday…and finally we have some sun!!

Hey gang! Yay for FRIDAY!

And Yay for SUNSHINE!

There will be lots of yard work this weekend, me and ol’ John Deere are going to start seeing each other on a regular basis again. (Don’t tell Jefe. He gets really jealous) I need to walk tomorrow as well. Gotta keep my streak going!

In other news, my sweet father-in-law is having surgery for the second time this week. If you could please send some healing thoughts his way, I’d really appreciate it. Here’s a pic of him at Rader’s 8th grade graduation…

And here are both of my in-laws* with Robyn (their god-daughter)

If you could send some love their way, I’d appreciate it!

Hope y’all have a beautiful weekend. You deserve it!

*legally they are my “ex” in-laws, but in reality they are always going to be family.

hey ho!

This song will cheer you up on a rainy day like today. OMG it is soooo damn dreary. I can’t wait til tomorrow, where the weather is supposed to match my sunshiny disposition. Okay, here’s another song that always makes me happy. I love the original by The Foundations, but here’s another version that’s a lot of fun:

BUILD ME UP BUTTERCUP : McFly (feat. Busted)

And here’s the only BEST way to listen to a Justin Bieber song, it’s a NEON TREES Mash-up:

STAND BY ME and the Beib’s BABY.

If you’re feeling down today, these songs should perk you right up! I’m happy to report, I’m feeling good this week after eating healthy every day, exercising every day, and sleeping well. And I’m in a fantastic freaking mood and have been all week…despite the gloomy weather. Hurry up, Friday! I need your sunshine!!! Meanwhile…y’all keep your sexy goin’…and sparkle until the sunshine can’t resist your shine!

Happy day of foolishness!

“A naked woman in heels is a beautiful thing. A naked man in shoes looks like a fool.”
~Christian Louboutin

 Wise words for a foolish day…

How was your weekend? Mine was pretty fantastic. I love stormy weather. Lightning crackling and thunder booming…hard rains pelting the roof in a soothing staccato, lulling me back to sleep with its rhythmic lullaby… the only problem with the stormy weather (aside from the hail. POOR SALLY SPARKLE) was trying to get out of bed on Sunday. So I didn’t. Until lunch time with the family.

 Saturday afternoon, Jefe and I went to see GI JOE. Ladies, I’m not gonna lie, too many shirts were worn in this movie. But there was plenty to see and enjoy. And lots of explosions and bullets. And a little bit of witty repartee. It was covered in cheese, but that’s okay. Would you really expect anything else?

Friday was the only “lovely” day of the weekend until Sunday late afternoon, so when I got home from work, I sat outside and read.

I really wish Spring would get here and stay. It’s going to rain here Tuesday-Thrusday and only be in the 40s. But today, it will be sunny and  70s so Robyn and I are gonna get an outside walk in, while we have a chance.

Now, for a really lovely and inspiring read, for those of us who are amply-endowed and trying to get healthy. Check this out…HEY, FAT GIRL.

 Hope y’all have a beautiful Monday. And be careful for the pranksters…they’re out there. And you never know…you might be their next target!

ETA: btw, Carbkiller has resurrected our Fat Chicks Running blog and I’m gonna be participating again as well. I’m doing a 12 weeks challenge, so if I haven’t blogged here, you’ll probably find me there.

Made it home.

We had an unexpected death in the family, so El Jefe and I headed off to Georgia for a few days of sadness and celebration.

I enjoyed meeting new members of his family. There were some laughter and good times, despite the very sad circumstances.

I also got to spend some quality time with these fellows every morning…

We returned last night…spent an hour stuck in traffic thanks to construction and morons who can’t drive. Sally Sparkle proved herself to be an excellent road trip car. I foresee more trips for much more fun reasons in the future.

Apparently we’re supposed to get “snow and sleet” today. So far, it’s just cold and rainy, though my favorite local weatherman has promised:

Team coverage of the approaching winter storm on Channel 7 News Midday Arkansas starting at 11:30 #arwx” 

By golly, if Todd Yakoubian says it’s a ‘winter storm’, I’m gonna go buy my bread and booze!

Okay, maybe not. It’s supposed be almost 50 degrees tomorrow. It’s not like this is a real winter storm. Hmph.

Happy Wine Wednesday!