I have searched the interwebs high and low for a FLAMINGO PEZ DISPENSER and it cannot. be. found.

Apparently several of my slaves, minions
, fans, stalkers friends searched high and low as well. Nothing.

You can’t tell me that my Holy Grail doesn’t exist! You can’t be serious.




They belong together. I will not rest until I am holding a Flamingo Pez dispenser in my hands.

Dear Pez People at Pez.com,

It has come to my attention that you don’t have a Flamingo Pez dispenser and that possibly you never have. Dudes! What gives?

It’s Flamingos! and Pez! They belong together like Salt -n- Pepa, Bogie and Bacall, Love and Boat, Mel and Awesome!

Please, rectify this horrible situation and make a Flamingo Pez Dispenser. They will fly off the shelves. I know, because I will probably buy them all.

Flamingos and Pez belong together. Let’s make this right.

Yours in Pez,

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