The MONTH OF MEL: Happy Birthday Eve!

A long time ago, way back when, (July 2007)I talked about having a super power. I also discussed my lack of side kick (now taking applications) and how I was being snubbed by several of the super teams…which was forcing me to consider going to the dark side…I wonder if the Evil League of Evil will have me?

Anyway, since this is the MONTH OF MEL! and it’s my Birthday Eve! I’ve decided it’s time that I come out of the Superhero Closet (didn’t know we had one of those, did ya? It’s where we get dressed.)
I look good, don’t I?

So I’ve honed my superpower and donned my outfit I’m now deciding if I’ll be good or evil? Who wants to be my side kick? What will your superpower be? Go here to find out.

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