cracked up

Last night, the boys and I were watching Family Guy together and goofing off. My kids crack me up. Both boys are able to combine typical sophomoric boy humor with some pretty adult thinking. It’s fun to hang out with them and listen to them crack on each other and crack on me.

When we’re being silly, they sometimes forget I’m the momma. Last night was one of those times. My 11 year old was on the phone with a friend from Oxford.

Me: Is that your girlfriend?

11: No it’s I.

Me: So it is your girlfriend.

Takes a moment to register

11: quick flick of middle finger. Then wide eyes and open mouth when he realizes he just flipped his mother off. Then bright red cheeks and so much laughter he had to hang up the phone.

Me: Um. Did you forget I’m the momma?

11: giggle. giggle. giggle.

15: Dude, you’re stoopid.

11: I can flip you off so you better shut up.

Then the threats of farting on each others’ faces began and it all went downhill.

Pretty much the perfect night. Stupid boys.

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