chef crushes

Before I launch into my true blog for the day, can I just say, I don’t really have an issue with the host of Top Chef Masters, but honestly, if you’re going to have a spokesperson on a show that centers around good food, you might wanna consider using someone that DOESN’T NEED TO EAT A FREAKING BATTERED AND DEEP FRIED SANDWICH SLATHERED IN MAYO. Girl needs to eat. A lot. I don’t care how acclaimed she is in food journalism, Kelly Choi needs to put some meat on her bones. Is she just chewing the food and spitting it out? Srsly.

Okay, now on to the real topic:

After last week’s Top Chef Masters, I totally fell in love with Texan Tim Love and Frenchman Hubert Keller. Two completely different personalities, two completely different cooking styles, one end result: Twu Wub.

I was already excited to see that Wylie Dufresne was going to be on last night’s Top Chef Masters because I had developed a huge crush on his geeky-sciencey cooking style when he served as a judge on Top Chef. There’s just something about him that totally makes me melt. But last night, I had to share some of my Wylie crush with his friend, Graham Elliot Bowles. One of the other chefs commented that the two pals were like the Mutt and Jeff show–and she was right. And I was totally smitten. I just wanted to follow them around and giggle as they played off each other, and as they played together in the kitchen, while cooking their butts off.

There’s something inherently sexy about a man who can cook. I love watching them slice, dice, marinate, and reduce. I love the fantasy of cooking lessons: him behind me with his big arms wrapped around me, teaching me a proper technique, or feeding me a spoonful of whatever’s cooking so that I can have the first taste. It makes me swoon.

And I love the type of chef who doesn’t ‘fit the mold’ of what you would think a chef would be like. Such as Country Boy Tim Love, Geeky Wylie Dufresne, and Tattooed-and-Goofy Huggy Bear Graham Elliot Bowles.

So now I have three restaurants that I must try: Tim Love’s Flagship Restaurant The Lonesome Dove in Ft. Worth, TX

Wylie’s WD~50 in Manhattan


Graham’s Chicago-based Graham Elliot

So, who’s coming with me?

Are y’all watching Top Chef Masters? What do you think?

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