a night to remember

It’s not often that I’m able to go out and play with my friend ALL-CAPS KRISTAL but when I do, it’s always a night to remember.

And it also takes me about 2 weeks to recover. I may not have one foot in the grave, but I’m also not a spring chicken anymore. LOL

I knew the night was going to be a good one when I tried on a pair of jeans in a smaller size and they fit. I did it more as a way to gauge how much I needed to lose before I could wear them. I had no idea they would actually fit! So I bought them. And I will probably never take them off. That’s the only way to ensure I won’t gain any weight. LOL

So ALL-CAPS KRISTAL and my friend Kim picked me up and we headed to see The Gettys play. (awesome band! if you ever get a chance to catch their show, I highly recommend it) I spent much of the time admiring the lead singer’s ass, and before I knew it, ALL-CAPS KRISTAL had him standing next to me asking him if I could touch his booty. (Jaeger may or may not have been used as a bargaining chip) The girl has no fear.

Then we played with a little bachelor party. All the boys were 21 or so and we spent a lot of time trying to tell them it was okay not to get married so young. And we offered them other life advice which is not really something that needs to be written down here. ALL-CAPS KRISTAL kept introducing herself as “the famous local author Melissa Francis. Buy my book, BITE ME!”

The rest of the night will remain in the vault, but I will give you a few hints. Gay bar, inappropriate conversations, an offer that was hard to refuse, Midtown, IHOP, 4 A.M. (oh, and there was possibly some public indecency near the train station, but I will not confirm or deny the incident)

Yesterday I slept. And ate. And watched movies and football (HOLY COW! DID YOU SEE THE COLTS GAME!?) Tonight, I’m headed to the Rivermarket for Monday night football and then the rest of the week, I’m planning to chill. Gotta recharge my batteries for the next time ACK (heh) and Kim decide to take me out.

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