lottery fail

The bad news is, I didn’t win Powerball last night.

The good news is, nobody else did either.

I don’t play the lottery every week, but I do play on occasion. I have a specific set of numbers I play each time and then I’ll do a quick pick or two.

I love to play lottery math and figure out how I’m going to divide out the money. It’s the only kinda math I’m really good at.

Because I also spend an enormous amount of time daydreaming about the beach, I devote much of my lottery winnings on a beach house. Now my dream home would be the house from the Thomas Crown Affair (if Pierce Brosnan came with the house, that would just be a bonus.) Of course, THAT house is on a private island somewhere…even if I win the Powerball, my guess is, it won’t be enough for a private island.

So, I’ll settle for Florida. 🙂

Maybe I’ll win the lottery for Christmas. Then I could really exercise my mind and do lottery math for real!

Do you play the lottery? Do you have specific numbers you always play or do you just Quick Pick?

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