let it snow (flurry)

Here in central Arkansas, we rarely get snow. Sometimes we’ll get a couple of inches and it will literally be 50 degress the next day, so it melts. Immediately. If we get anything, it’s usually ice. And given the fact that I live on a hill and that my driveway is at an 85 degree angle, ice is never, EVER, my friend.

So when there’s even a remote chance of snow, we (okay I) get a little excited. I mean, it’s SNOW! Which means SNOWBALL FIGHTS. and SNOWMEN. and SNOW ANGELS! Stuff we never get to do, see, or play in…

Last night, there was a 50% chance of snow. There was a little thrum of excitement pulsing through the heart of the city. Could it be? Would we see…actual snow?

Around 11 pm, I was driving my friend home from the airport and that’s when I saw them. Snowflakes. They were wind surfing in the night sky and I was totally mesmerized. And disappointed. They were little flakes. Nothing to be excited about. Even when they began to fall a little faster, it wasn’t worth getting worked up over. There would be no blanket of snow when I woke in the morning.

I wish I could tell you at this point that I woke up surprised. But nope. The temperature actually climbed overnight and I woke to rain. Miserable, cold, yucky, depressing RAIN. (and we NEVER get rain around here… /sarcasm)

I don’t wanna live where it snows all the time. I like being in an area that actually gets shut down at the mere threat of snow. I like the fact that sometimes we’re stuck at home for 3 days because of weather. I can’t imagine ever having to take the kids to school when there is more than an inch of snow on the ground. And as irritating as it is, I like that every grocery store sells out of bread, milk, and velveeta when snow is predicted.

I just hope we actually get a little of the white stuff this season.

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