a pet peeve

A 4 year old boy in Texas has been serving in school suspension since November because he has long hair. (video here)

This is a public school. THIS is your tax dollars at work.

Honestly, what is the big, damn deal? A boy has long hair. Wow. That’s scary stuff. Alert the media! (done) Are they making the girls with long hair do the same thing as this boy?

No? Well how very double-standard of you, Texas.

Why would they ostracize this child for having long hair? I thought a school’s job was to educate, not humilate.

This is a hot button for me. Both of my boys have grown their hair out at one time or another. The youngest one is currently working toward a goal of growing it out until he’s in 9th grade. Years ago, when we lived in Oxford, my oldest son was in 5th grade. He was growing his hair out. His teacher didn’t like it. She pulled him in front of the class, stuck his bangs up on top of his head in a ponytail ala Pebbles and humilated him in front of the class. Her excuse was that he was too busy messing with his hair and wasn’t focusing on his test. I told her those are natural consequences…she had no right to lay a hand on my child’s hair.

And unless she was doing the same thing to every girl who had long hair, who chewed on, twirled, or messed with her hair, then she was just being a bully.

We removed him from that class. That was a long time ago…I’m still bitter about it.

The school districts need to stop focusing on stupid stuff like boys with long hair and start focusing on education. REAL education. Hair is not a big damn deal and doesn’t interfere with learning. Removing a 4 year old from class to punish him for having long hair is teaching him something all right…I’m just not sure that’s the lesson he should be learning.

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