tell me it’s true!

I love college football, particularly Razorback football. I will watch the NFL some but I don’t have a team I love or follow…I basically follow ex-Razorbacks. So I’ll watch the Cowboys for ♥Felix Jones♥, the Raiders (barf) for Darren McFadden (♥), occasionally the Broncos for Peyton Hillis and the Bears for the two Marcuses (Harrison and M♥nk). I watched the Saints for Boo Williams until he got hurt but my favorite Razorback of all time was Matt Jones–so I was a Jaguar fan because I LOVED watching him play.

Then he did something stupid, got arrested, was on thin ice with his team, did something stupid again, and got let go.

So last year, the NFL was without Matt Jones, and I missed him. Terribly.

But things might be changing soon. There are rumors floating around that both the Cincinnati Bengals and the Tennessee Titans are interested in Jones. He’d get more playing time with Cincy (and actually, he’d be playing with another Razorback who was drafted in 2009, Jonathon Luigs) and that’s probably where he’s gonna end up. I’d actually like to see him land with the Titans, but wherever he lands, I’ll be happy. BECAUSE HE’LL BE PLAYING AGAIN.

I love him and I’m sooooo ready to watch him play again. So Jones, don’t screw up this time, mmmkay?

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