big green tractor

No, I’m not talking about Jason Aldean’s song…I’m talking about my youngest kid takin’ care of the yard business last night.

In other country music news and oddities, I had to laugh out loud when Jenn Christman, et al were discussing Luke Bryan’s song Rain is a Good Thing (or the Corn Whiskey song as I like to call it.)

Here’s a little taste of the yummy goodness:

Rain makes corn
Corn makes whiskey
Whiskey makes my baby
Feel a little frisky!

Oh yes. THIS is why I listen to country music because seriously, no other genre of music can turn a ride on a big green tracto into a love song or connect the dots between rain making corn and getting frisky…

Speaking of frisky…it’s Thursday…so you know what that means, right? Girls night out!! Watch out Little Rock…

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