let it rain

Storms are moving in and hopefully will be washing away all this pollen. This will be our first stormy weather in the new casa for me and the boys. Should be interesting. And fun. I’m in the mood for some pissed off weather. Sometimes nothing is better than a good spring storm.

Since we’re working on cutting costs, we have a digital converter box for the TV so we can watch local stations. I’m obviously converter-box impaired because I can’t get the thing hooked up. I have never had this problem before! I read directions. I read diagrams. I try to do just as I’m instructed. SO WHY CAN’T I HOOK THE STUPID THING UP? Hoping my bro will have better luck with it.

Think we’re going to a movie this weekend. Ian wants to see Kick Ass so I’m sure that’s what I’ll be forced to endure watching tomorrow. Unless I can talk him into seeing Date Night. I mean, it’s Tina Fey and Steve Carrell. How could we go wrong with that???

any big plans this weekend?

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