everyday should be like yesterday

*we’ve been having some technical difficulties here at Mel-O-Drama…will you let me know if you can see the blog and if you can still comment? email me at oatmellow (at) gmail (dot) com if you can’t comment. Thanks!*

Had the best time at the Travs game yesterday…especially since the first baseman for the NWA Naturals had a great ass…made watching the game soooo much more fun. 🙂
Also got some lovely sun. I did apply sunscreen as appropriate, but I apparently missed a spot on my arm near my armpit and it’s bright freaking pink. Good thing I look so good in pink.
This is how I spent the afternoon:

and after the game, the girls and I headed to Cregeen’s Pub and flirted with the young hot waiter, John-with-an-H, had a couple of beers, and chowed down on some yummy appetizers.

Yes, it was a great day. Honestly, if every work day could be like that…well, we’d all want to go to work, wouldn’t we?

Tonight is Triva at Touchdown Sally’s. Last week we came in 3rd place (boo!). maybe we can reclaim our title as awesomest team ever tonight! Oh wait, we’re still awesomest team ever…we just want to be the WINNING (aka #1) awesomest team ever…

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