life lessons from Survivor

Before I get into my blog, check out this awesome pic I took yesterday while waiting for the storms to pass so we could FINALLY watch a baseball game. We gave up after 3 hours…and 15 minutes later the sun came out and they played the game. Of course…


Dear Russell from Survivor,

I admired your devious form of play in Survivor Samoa. We had never seen
anything quite like you…burning your teammates’ socks, emptying all the water,
finding immunity idols without clues…yes, you were pretty amazing. And we
tolerated your obnoxiousness for the sake of entertaining TV.

Yes, you made it to the final 3 of Samoa but no, you didn’t win because
Survivor is just as much a social game as it is a strategic game. You seemed to
forget all about that and when you wound up in the finals with one of the most
social players of your season, you got your ass kicked.

No votes. As expected.

Fast forward to this past season of Heroes vs Villains. DID YOU NOT LEARN
ANYTHING? Oh wait, nop you didn’t. You played the exact same game and took 2 of
the most social women to the finals with you, even bragging that there was no
way Sandra would win.

Um, guess who won?

Yeah. Sandra. A former million dollar winner, who by all rights should have
had a tough time winning because she had won before…yeah, she kicked your

Parvati also got a few votes.

But you? Nope. Not one vote. And then you tell Jeff Probst that if America
could vote you’d be the clear winner.

Um, guess what? You’re wrong. You play a mean game and make for entertaining
TV, but you’re dumb as a box of rocks if you couldn’t figure out that you needed
to develop a more social game. You lost the million bucks because you’re an
idiot. An egotistical, self-righteous, misogynistic IDIOT.

It amazes me when people continue to make the same mistake over and over and
over again. Oh well, they make that bed, guess they have to learn to lie in

You get what you deserve,

And on another note:

Dear JT,

I think you’re adorable and if you ever find yourself in Arkansas, look me


everyday should be like yesterday

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Had the best time at the Travs game yesterday…especially since the first baseman for the NWA Naturals had a great ass…made watching the game soooo much more fun. 🙂
Also got some lovely sun. I did apply sunscreen as appropriate, but I apparently missed a spot on my arm near my armpit and it’s bright freaking pink. Good thing I look so good in pink.
This is how I spent the afternoon:

and after the game, the girls and I headed to Cregeen’s Pub and flirted with the young hot waiter, John-with-an-H, had a couple of beers, and chowed down on some yummy appetizers.

Yes, it was a great day. Honestly, if every work day could be like that…well, we’d all want to go to work, wouldn’t we?

Tonight is Triva at Touchdown Sally’s. Last week we came in 3rd place (boo!). maybe we can reclaim our title as awesomest team ever tonight! Oh wait, we’re still awesomest team ever…we just want to be the WINNING (aka #1) awesomest team ever…

take me out to the ballgame

This is where I’ll be on this beautiful Monday…watching baseball, eating hot dogs, and possibly partaking in a fermented beverage or two… all in the name of work! Yes, my dept is taking a mental health day with the Arkansas Travelers baseball team.
After a scary weekend of tornados, hail, and lightning storms, today is gorgeous–and perfect for watching baseball!
Did y’all have a good weekend? Anyone else almost wake up in Oz? I was wearing my ruby slippers just in case.
Happy Monday, y’all!!

It’s a Cotton Pickin’ birthday!

Okay, Internet. Please say Happy Birthday to my daddy, Cotton. (you can also call him Slick Mac) and to my beautiful rock-awesome niece Taylor. Happy 15th!!

This weekend was a blur. I was a busy girl. Soccer Mom duties Saturday morning, seeing my bro-in-law!, lunch with my faves Saturday afternoon. A margarita before heading to the Electric Cowboy with my friend Jenn to see the finals of the Arkansas’ Funniest Person contest. (Congrats to Eric Counts! Job well done, sir!) Then afterward….cheese fries, beer, new friends, From Dusk til Dawn (which I had never seen before…which seemed to shock the folks because how can I write vampire books but not watch vampire movies?)

Yesterday I napped a wee bit, painted a wee bit, and watched stupid, freaking-farking Duke beat Baylor. I hate that Baylor choked. (I’m actually talking about why I hate Duke over at Fictionistas today. Check it out when you get a chance…)

How was your weekend, Internet? Were you productive or a slug? And is there anyone out there with a NCAA bracket that’s still alive?

random Saturday musings


I’ve missed blogging so much, I thought I’d do the rare thing and post on a Saturday. I KNOW you’re excited. Like so excited. You’re welcome.

First of all, I have golf clubs in the trunk of my car. It seems like maybe I should utilize those things. I took lessons several years ago but I’ve never actually played golf. Like been on a golf course and hit the ball and follow it and hit it again–lather; rinse; repeat. Now I don’t expect to do that anytime soon because I’m not going to go alone, but hey, I would like to take a few swings again. (though I will admit that my chesticle area made it difficult to swing properly…)

Now, let’s talk about March Madness. I have a love/hate relationship with the NCAA Tournament. It never fails that I pick a team to go to the finals and that team will get knocked out in the first round. NEVER. FREAKING. FAILS.

This year’s loser du jour would be VANDY. C’mon Vandy? WTF? Seriously? If you were gonna put it to me like that, you should’ve at least taken me to dinner first. And a movie. Hell, at least you could’ve bought me a 40 oz and pretended to be into me for a minute. Wow. That was just uncool.

Also on my list is Marquette. No, I didn’t have them going to the finals, I had Duke and Vandy in the finals with Vandy smearing Duke because I loathe Duke (you can thank Christian Laettner for that…) I had Marquette going to the Elite Eight. Hmph. They barely made it out of the starting gate. Thanks for petering out Marquette. Thanks so much for making it soooooo worth my time.

Texas disappointed me but I had them losing in the next round, so we’re all good. Sadly, I also picked FSU because I do love the ‘Noles…and I did have them getting to Elite Eight as well…but I’m really not surprised by their performance. It’s FSU. That’s what they do.

But Marquette and Vandy? Humph.

So my bracket is not very pretty right now. Unless you think that redlines are pretty to look at…

Okay, that’s enough bitching about my poor bracketology. Now all I can hope is that Kentucky goes all the way and smears Duke in the final 4…and then takes the title.

Stupid frickin’ frackin’ farkin’ Vandy.

i’m (locally) famous!

Okay, so I told you guys about the local bru-ha-ha surrounding the sports complex and the county supervisors not ponying up the cash (which is only $150K a year for 20 years). Well, today, I was quoted in the local paper.


Parental concerns

Melissa Francis lives in the city limits so her children will continue to participate in OPC activities, but her two boys will have to face losing some of their teammates. Francis, who is a volunteer with the OPC, has also been vocal about the situation, commenting on Ward 6 Alderman Jon Fisher’s blog.

“The whole thing should’ve been a no brainer on the part of the county supervisors. Sadly, now all the kids will suffer. This is a community issue people. Not a city vs. county issue,” Francis wrote.

“It’s truly sad that the aldermen were put into such a tough position, but I support their decision. It just breaks my heart to know that so many kids won’t get to participate in January. This could’ve been avoided and I honestly hope the supervisors will remember who they really work for and make this right before there is a fracture in this community that is too big to repair.”

Like other parents, one of Francis’ biggest concerns is what this is going to do to the programming of activities in OPC and the remaining kids.

And my friend Andrea (with her last name spelled incorrectly) was quoted just below me…

Andrea Jekobsons said the decision is holding the kids “hostage.”

“It is not fair because my kids go to the city schools and my 6-year-old son will be in classes with the kids who are able to play,” Jekobsons said. “How do you tell a 6-year-old they can’t play soccer with his friends any more?”

Okay, so there’ s a citizens’ meeting tomorrow about this whole thing, and you couldn’t keep me away. Andrea suggested that I print my quote into a big bubble on a stick and carry it with me as I go. I don’t think that’ll be necessary. I have no problems expressing my opinions verbally.

I just have to sensor my language so people will actually LISTEN to what I say. Anyone who is attending, when I’m taking a deep breath, just insert the words “You Assholes” or “you bass-akwards rejects” and you’ll be in my head.