LOVE SUCKS! in the flesh…

These three things absolutely did NOT happen when I opened the UPS envelope from HarperCollins.

  1. I absolutely DID NOT squeal like a little girl when I saw the glossy cover.
  2. I certainly DID NOT spend 20 minutes with my iPhone trying to take the perfect picture of myself holding the book.
  3. No way did I sleep with the book. No way.

Obviously #2 was a total FAIL (not that I did that at all. because I didn’t.)

I will tell you, originally I wasn’t thrilled about the cover. I wanted a different background (more in line with BITE ME!’s bright solid cover) and I wanted the prom dress (which you can’t see in the picture that I DID NOT spend 20 minutes trying to get the perfect shot of both the cover AND me being cute) to be black. But now that I’ve slept with held the book in my man hands, I LOVE everything about it. The dress isn’t nearly as mauvey/rosey in person. And the girl on the cover is beautiful. And the back of the cover is a GORGEOUS shade of purple.


And it loves me, too. It whispered it in my ear last night as I fell asleep. Not that I slept with it or anything. Because I didn’t.

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