RUBY! the (not so) mighty water dog…

Y’all know Ruby the Pug. She’s is the Owner of my Heart and the Ruler of my World. (Though Clementine the Tart is seriously trying to stage a coup and steal both titles away from Ruby the Pug. I think she thinks being pregnant gives her automatic dibs…)

Anyway, y’all also know I’m a lake girl. (well, a water girl…lake, ocean, river, pond, puddle, faucet, sprinkler…whatever. If it’s water, I’m there.) This past week weekend I took the boys to Lake Ouachita for a fun-filled day on the pontoon boat. I am Capitan, hear me Yar.

We decided that it was high time Ruby the Pug tagged along. Now, Ruby the Pug is all muscle. She’s rock solid. And has NEVER been in water above her little paws…so I stopped at PetCo and purchased her a life jacket.

Oh, and how she rocked that life jacket…

Ruby was excited about her adventure. She didn’t mind wearing the awesome that was pink and she absolutely LOVED the boat ride. I had very good feelings about Ruby the Pug becoming Ruby the MIGHTY Water Dog.
We stopped at an island and we let Ruby roam the bank while I got in the water. Of course, where I am, she thinks she needs to be…so she immediately ran toward me…and immediately freaked out when the ground was no longer beneath her feet. She paddled and paddled and paddled and finally made it to me.

and if I was in the water, this is where she sat. The. Entire. Time. I have a Pug Silhouette tan line. It’s lovely.
We tried several times to get her to swim, play and love the water without me.

but she always just ended up on the bank, staring at me from below, BEGGING me to end her torture.
So I finally did.

Ruby the Pug is much more a sungoddess than a water dog. Guess she’s not a Pisces like her momma…

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