yo go girl(s)

When a Mississppi school cancelled prom rather than allow a lesbian student attend with her girlfriend, I was mortified. But when Constance McMillen chose to fight instead of roll over, I cheered.

And today I’m cheering even louder. The court awarded her a $35,000 settlement and the school district is mandated to update their policy “not to discriminate based on sexual orientation in any educational or extracurricular activities or allow harassment based on sexual orientation and gender identity.” Read the entire article here.

No matter what your opinion is on homosexuality, you have to commend this teen for her strength to fight for her rights. You go girl. We here at Mel-O-Drama give you 2 thumbs up with an extra dose of sparkle!

In other girl news: Clementine the Tart has not had her litter of love yet, but she’s getting close. Look at that BELLY!
I just hope she delivers before I leave for Florida next week. First of all, I need to see how many kittehs I’m gonna be GrandKittehMa to, and secondly, I don’t want her delivering while I’m gone. Plus I want some itteh bitteh kitteh love!!!
Now, who wants a Kitteh in a couple of weeks? I’m taking reservations now!

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