2 down…

My ride to work was kinda like being a part of a portable petting zoo. Ruby always sits on my lap…and Mayhem decided that she should, too. Col. Mustard, he perched on my shoulder. Guess he’s gonna be an “up-high cat”.

The Kittehs are on their way to their new home today…where they will live on a farm and be well-loved little barn kittehs. Ahhhh what a life. And endless supply of mice and milk. Seriously, who could ask for more?
Charlie Chaplin will be making her way to my friend Jeanne’s house tonight and hopefully Birdrunner still wants Kitty G. If so, then we are done because the boys and I have decided to keep Chicken Nugget. He loves himself some Ruby, so he gets to stay.
I’m gonna miss the little kittehs. They’ve been hysterical these past few days. There’s nothing more fun than watching them flump around (flump is my new favorite made up word. That’s totally the sound kittehs make when they wrestle). And I love it when they jump straight up in the air just because the wind blew.
I won’t miss Ruby’s constant whining. She wants to be with the kittehs all the time, but we can’t keep them in the house all the time because WE WOULD NEVER SLEEP. So they’ve been sleeping on the screened in porch. And when it’s time for them to retire for the evening, Ruby camps out in front of the door, staring at the crack between the door and the floor, and whines. It’s like she totally expects them to squeeze under the door and come back inside. Sorry, Ruby. They’re kittehs, not cockroaches.
IT’S ALMOST FRIDAY! You have no idea how ready for the weekend I am…

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