crazy for you

(ETA: not sure if the video embedding is working. Here’s the direct link.)

This is when I fell in love with Madonna…and Matthew Modine. Have you ever seen the movie Vision Quest? I heart it with the love of 1000 cupids. If you haven’t seen it…put it on your RETRO MUST SEE list. (note to self…buy copy of movie to watch over and over and over)

I heard CRAZY FOR YOU on the radio this morning and knew I had to blog about it. Music is a very powerful thing and can take you back to a moment in time faster than anything else (except for maybe scent…but that’s another blog!) Every time I hear this song I’m transported back to the mid-80s, my first crush, and listening to this song over and over and over again on my TURNTABLE. (shut your mouth. I had a cassette player, but it was easier to be a repeat offender when you played your records.)

Even though I got my heart broken eventually, this song still brings a rush of all the good feelings that comes with falling for someone. And I think I’ll listen to it all day, because that rush is the best high ever.

What are the songs that can take you back?

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