I heart humpday!

The best part of the week is to come! YAY! Tomorrow is GNO…and we haven’t had one in a couple of weeks. *GASP*

Last night, Rader played da Foozball and he rocked it. Sacked the QB and had a fantastic punt! I tried to video the punt (I DID video the punt) BUT the sun worked against me. So all we could see was THE SUN! IT BLINDS!! and little blips doing blippy things on the field.

I did get a pic of me and my kid after it was all over…

Rader is 1.5 inches taller than me, but yesterday I was wearing 3 inch heeled boots and he didn’t like that I was taller, so he stood on his tiptoes. The pic is technically accurate…but now you know why. LOL

If you’re looking for me Friday night…you can find me watching this dude live:

I love Fridays the most!

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