it’s peanut butter jelly time

On the radio this morning, the DJs’ topic of conversation was food that you’ve never tried or never will try.

A 58 year old woman called in and said she’d never eaten a PB&J and never plans to.

What madness is this?

Never had a PB&J?

Never ever?

Never ever ever?

Now look, I get that there are foods out there that people haven’t tried, but I truly can’t wrap my head around the idea that there are people who haven’t eaten the yumminess that is a PB&J.

Now I want one for breakfast.

There are some foods I’ve never tried such as Haggis, Kidney Pie, Blood pudding. And honestly, I don’t wanna try them. But one day, I probably will just so I can say I have.

There are some foods I don’t like that others find crazy. Like Bread Pudding (it makes me gag), Salmon (really not a fan) and Venison (yes, even the way YOU prepare it) But given that, it’s still hard for me to understand how someone hasn’t tried a PB&J and why they wouldn’t want to.

Do you have any weird food proclivities?

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