shenanigans and pie

I will be hanging with my #2 kid (birth order, not preference) and my #1 Fella (definitely preference) at the Neon Trees concert tonight. Can’t wait. I predict shenanigans!

Check this out! They did a cover of Justin Bieber’s BABY and I actually LOVE this song now!

Tomorrow is the Hog game against Mississippi State and the night my friends do our Thanksgiving dinner. I’m bringing pies.

Because I make good pies.

Last week I made a chocolate pecan pie for El Jefe’s birthday and that seemed to be a big hit with my #1 fella, so I think I may do it all over again! Along with apple and punkin.

I love pie.

And here’s a little piece of Melf trivia: I was born on March 14 or 3/14…or 3.14 the number for pi.

I was born on Pi day! of course I love Pie!

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