I’ve got chills…that are multiplyin’

And I’m looooooosing control….

Oh. Sorry. I just got caught up in a Grease moment there.

So, I’ve been down for the count the last 48 hours. Actually a bit longer than that. I knew something wasn’t right when I made this fantastic Mediterranean Pasta on Tuesday night and only ate 2 bites before I felt “full.” I had 2 glasses of wine, but they kinda tasted funny, so I poured out half of my last glass and then I fell asleep on the couch…before 8:00. 

The next morning I woke and told Jefe I felt funny–like my dinner didn’t digest.

And low and behold, it had not digested.

I’ll spare you the gory details. Suffice it to say, there was a virus, I had it, and I spent 36 hours trying to get warm. My fever finally broke in the wee hours of the morning yesterday and I slept most of 48 hours away.

My mommy brought me some real cokes. You know, the fully-leaded-with-sugar kind? The ones I never drink ever? OMG. They were like little sips of heaven. Or gulps of heaven. Whatever. I had to be careful though…if I drank them too fast, there would be horrific repercussions. Terrible.

I’m back at work today, feeling weak, but happy to be vertical. I miss my kiddos. I banished them from the house while I was contagious. There’s no need to spread the ugly any further than our home. I have a feeling when I get finished with work on Saturday, I’ll be cloroxing the hell out of the compound.

Anything fun going on in your world? Did you guys get Bieber Fever in Little Rock last night? I heard the concert was fantastic, even for those poor parents who were forced to go. That’s what happened when fishdog and I took Ian to see N Sync in 2001. We were dreading the boy band invasion and wound up being completely impressed with the show. Maybe we were even fans afterward…Maybe. I’m glad the concert was a great experience for y’all. If you have to suffer through the squealing of thousands of teenage girls, at least you should enjoy show.

Have a great weekend, folks. Strive for sparkle!

best concert ever

First of all, Wow.

Seriously, Pat Benatar? You are amazing.

And Asian Steve Perry Arnel Pineda? You blew me away. (Also, I know you’re Filipino but last night you were Asian Steve Perry and that’s who you will be from now on. You’re welcome.)

I seriously think this was one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to. And trust me, I’ve been to plenty.

The problem with awesome concerts like that one? Well, I’m not 18 anymore. Now that didn’t stop me from dancing like I was….

or howling singing like I was:

But when my alarm went off this morning, I felt closer to 81 than 18.

We had a great night.

Now somebody bring me my geritol and hoveround. AND GET OFF MY LAWN!

aw yeah

I’m gonna have to start working on my 80s outfit…because on October 9th, I’m gonna be on the floor, row 18 of Verizon Arena…for the JOURNEY, LOVERBOY AND PAT BENATAR concert!

I was a bit of an 80s concert ho… If they came to town, I bought a ticket. I think I’ve seen Ozzy 5 times. I saw Journey my junior year, I saw Loverboy at every river concert they showed up to in the 80s…BUT…I never once got to see Pat Benatar.

And I’m stoked.

So look out Verizon…we’re gonna party like it’s 1986. And you’re gonna like it.

Hope I can remember how to tease my bangs…

we just had ourselves a little Journey moment…

Yes, I’m a little bit excited about this:

Journey, Pat Benatar, and Loverboy in concert….

I even wore Rock-n-Roll hair today to celebrate the awesome. (actually, I wore bed-head hair as rock-n-roll hair but whatever.) See y’all at Verizon on October 9!

BTW, Hit Me With Your Best Shot was once upon a time my go to Karaoke song… There is a picture somewhere from a certain bachelorette party with me and my “date” for the night, (we named him Big Bob) “singing” a duet. Of course Big Bob was so full of hot air that he didn’t really sing at all.

Also, Journey has some of my all time favorite songs ever. Good Morning, Girl has always put a smile on my face…even if it is only 1 minute 44 seconds long.

Happy Friday y’all! Get your rock-n-roll hair on and have your own Journey moment this weekend!

shenanigans and pie

I will be hanging with my #2 kid (birth order, not preference) and my #1 Fella (definitely preference) at the Neon Trees concert tonight. Can’t wait. I predict shenanigans!

Check this out! They did a cover of Justin Bieber’s BABY and I actually LOVE this song now!

Tomorrow is the Hog game against Mississippi State and the night my friends do our Thanksgiving dinner. I’m bringing pies.

Because I make good pies.

Last week I made a chocolate pecan pie for El Jefe’s birthday and that seemed to be a big hit with my #1 fella, so I think I may do it all over again! Along with apple and punkin.

I love pie.

And here’s a little piece of Melf trivia: I was born on March 14 or 3/14…or 3.14 the number for pi.

I was born on Pi day! of course I love Pie!

ready or not…

It’s Friday! and by the time you read this, I’ll be on my way to Augusta, AR to have a little chat with the high school book club.

Word on the street is they loved BITE ME! and are ready to read LOVE SUCKS!

This makes Melf very happy.

After my chat I’m heading to Oxford to hang with El Jefe for the weekend. It’s his birthday weekend, ya know.

Oh and guess what? Next Friday, I’ll be watching the Neon Trees live and in person! I can’t wait…

daytime to concert…

Okay, having a day job in an office and working until 5:00 can sometimes put a cramp on your evening style. Because let’s face it, you don’t wanna wear your business casual slacks and top with you hair in a bun to an Alice Cooper/Rob Zombie show. It just wouldn’t be right.

Okay, you might want to, but, I wouldn’t want to…

So that left me with a dilemma this morning. How do I wear my inner Rock Chick on the outside without scaring the folks at my office?

We start off with Black. That’s easy enough. Black is the universal Rock Chick color and it’s also appropriate for the workplace.

But I can’t do my classic black stuff, because it’s just too classy. And then I’ll be the naughty librarian at the concert. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. I suppose I could make it work… you know, with some red thigh highs and platforms…oh wait, wrong blog. Hahaha

So I chose a simple black dress that will go off the shoulder after work and is a scoop neck during business house. I belted it and have on my boots.

It’s totally Business Rocker Chic

Now onto the hair. What does a Rocker Chick do? Pony tail? Straighten it? Leave it be?

She curls it…that’s what she does.
Daytime to Rocker Chick ahoy!

I’ll just add a little glitter after work and I think I’m good to go!

Feed My Frankenstein!

Tomorrow night you will find me rockin’ out at the Rob Zombie/Alice Cooper concert.

I’ve always wanted to see Alice Cooper–Rob Zombie will just be a nice bonus. 🙂
Did you know I had a rocker girl buried deep inside me? Of course you did!
I’ve always loved Alice Cooper… even back in the day when he was accused of being a devil worshipper (along with KISS and Ozzy and WASP, etc. etc. etc.). Heh I’m such a rebel. *cough*
My real love for Alice bloomed when I watched Wayne’s World. This scene right here should make everyone love Alice Cooper. He’s awesome and I’m not worthy.

Now I wanna see Wayne’s World again. Right now.

And just so Rob Zombie doesn’t feel left out, here’s my fav of his songs:

I heart humpday!

The best part of the week is to come! YAY! Tomorrow is GNO…and we haven’t had one in a couple of weeks. *GASP*

Last night, Rader played da Foozball and he rocked it. Sacked the QB and had a fantastic punt! I tried to video the punt (I DID video the punt) BUT the sun worked against me. So all we could see was THE SUN! IT BLINDS!! and little blips doing blippy things on the field.

I did get a pic of me and my kid after it was all over…

Rader is 1.5 inches taller than me, but yesterday I was wearing 3 inch heeled boots and he didn’t like that I was taller, so he stood on his tiptoes. The pic is technically accurate…but now you know why. LOL

If you’re looking for me Friday night…you can find me watching this dude live:

I love Fridays the most!

Mel-O-Funny; Mel-O-Music; MEL-O-FRIDAY!

Today’s Doonesbury cracked me up. Here’s a link to the daily strip if you can’t read it on my blog.
I’m so happy it’s Friday. I’ve been looking forward to tonight for a very long time. Two of my favorite bands will be playing at the Verizon Arena…and I’m going to be there with one of my favorite people! It’s gonna be a good time.
Theory of a Deadman: I have two of their albums, and I will freely admit that I am a repeat offender when it comes to this band. I actually work out to them a lot. Plus I always include them in my playlists. I heart them. Here’s the video BY THE WAY. He’s got a great voice.

The other band that will be there is Daughtry! I am so stoked about seeing them live. Actually, the year Chris Daughtry didn’t win American Idol is the year I stopped watching that show. Here’s the video for LIFE AFTER YOU

Now, if I could just figure out what I’m going to wear. I know I’ll be cute…just how cute?

Big plans this weekend? Last minute shopping, baking, partying?