slip slidin’ away…

I was at the tire store by 7:15 this morning.

Nobody wants to spend money on new tires. I mean, for that kinda cash, I could have a spa day and buy a new outfit. And everyone would be like, “Oh! You look awesome.” Nobody ever sees the tires and says, “Oh! Look at those awesome tires!”


But it’s better safe than sorry since I’ve been traveling to Oxford a lot lately. Plus I fish-tailed last week and nearly had my backend take out the front end of an oncoming car.

Yeah, it’s probably way past time for new tires.

I think I’m just going to pretend that giving BlueBelle new tires is like buying her a new dress. And the oil change is like a cleansing. I suppose I should clean her out and give her a day at the spa too, but it’s supposed to keep raining til Saturday so her spa will have to come from nature.

Maybe thinking of it like that will make me feel better.

But probably not.

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