staring is the only way

John Clasky: They should name a gender after you. Looking at you doesn’t do it. Staring is the only way that makes any sense. And trying not to blink, so you don’t miss anything. And all of that, and you’re YOU. I mean…
Look, forgive me. It’s just you are DROP DEAD, CRAZY GORGEOUS! So much so that I’m actually considering looking at you again before we finish up here.

Flor Moreno:
Soon, please.

This is from the movie Spanglish. I love this movie because it is filled with extremely flawed characters who struggle to find love and happiness in all the wrong ways. Also, Cloris Leachman is in this movie and I love her like I love oxygen.

This weekend was fabulous. Friday night I was in bed early. I was exhausted 🙂 and needed my rest because I had to have Rader to his chess tournament by 8:00 Saturday morning.

And I had to have the terrorists kittehs to the clinic by 10:00 so they could get fixed. Saturday afternoon was quite interesting for all of us. Chicken Nugget took losing his nuggets like a champ. He just wanted peace, love and happiness. Clementine and Kitty G didn’t come out of the anesthesia with quite the same attitude. They were totally cage fighting. It was ugly. But by Sunday afternoon we were pretty much back to normal.

Ruby didn’t quite understand why her BFF Chicken Nugget smelled funny. And I’m pretty sure she missed his nuts. This is what she did all Saturday night:

Poor baby. She was just so concerned.

Saturday night I went to a Knight Play Comedy Club for about an hour to see my BFF Jenn Christmas Christman host. She did a bang up job and looked like a million bucks in the process!

and then Sunday afternoon my best pals from college came over for a little Chirstmasy Brunch and some wine and a whole lotta gossip. I mean, catching up. Check out my tree…I’m hoping it will survive the terrorist kitteh attacks through the holidays…

Hope y’all had a great weekend! 12 days left til Christmas. Are you ready?

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