it already came true

There are so many scenes and lines from the movie Sixteen Candles that I love, that it was hard for me to choose. For funny, I could go with:

Dong:AUTO-MO-BIIIIILE or Oh sexy girlfriend. Or even something like when the one grandpa asked the other grandpa “Hey, how’s your Chinaman?”

Or I could go the Farmer Ted route: “I’ve never bagged a babe.”

But the reality is, my favorite line from the movie is from the very last scene:

Jake: Make a wish, Samantha.
Sam: It already came true.

Because seriously? Is there one girl out there in this world that grew up with this movie that didn’t feel all warm and tingly in that special spot when Sam walked out of the church all by herself and saw Jake leaned up against the Porsche waiting for her? Holy crap. I still get a little soft and gooey when I see that scene.

BTW, just in case you weren’t sure, I really am a girl.

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