holiday recap with pictures!

I’m pretty sure my mother’s house is where Christmas went to die, because by the time everyone was finished opening their prezzies, it certainly looked like death and destruction had occurred there.

Here is my mother with her 4 grandkids. Nonnie and the Hellions.

Me and my two hellions.

Me and my brother’s kids: Ryan and Double A

Girl, you got a bow on yo head.

After eating way too much and damn near putting ourselves into a food coma, Fishdog took the boys to his parents’ house for more gluttony and we joined them later for dessert.

Here is a picture of all the kids at the Francis Family Christmas. Only kid missing is my nephew Ryan because he went to see Tron with his daddy.

And here is my fav pic of the day. Me, my kids, and my nieces. There had been much madness and mayhem before this picture was taken. I can’t believe they are all looking at the camera. Especially Ian. Who tries desperately to stay out of every picture possible.

Tomorrow, El Jefe and I are heading east on a road trip. I may be blogging. I may not. We’ll see. If not, I hope y’all have a happy and safe new year and I’ll see you in 2011!

Party on Wayne.

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