happy-fun-time walk

I promised Birdrunner yesterday that I would stop referring to our exercising as DEATH MARCHES (even though they totally are). From this point forward our death marches daily jaunts will be referred to as HAPPY-FUN-TIME WALKS. This picture is me, being happy about my happy-fun-time exercising. I’m totally stoked, can’t you see? (and man, do I rock those short shorts and strapless cone bra. I’m not sayin’…I’m just sayin’) I also do my happy-fun-time exercising in red stilletos, just for the challenge. I hear it does wonders for your calves…

I’ve added some toning exercises to my daily workouts. Here let me show you my latest workout for my booty.

This is one of my favorite workout outfits. Don’t let the garter belt fool you, it’s surprisingly comfortable! And my booty is looking better everyday.

Yesterday’s happy-fun-time walk consisted of 4 miles in under an hour. Not bad for this ol’ gal who hasn’t been anywhere near a walk in almost a month. My stroll tends to be a 15 minute mile, so anything under that I’m happy with. I’m hoping for the half marathon I can finish under 3.5 hours, but I’ll be happy with finishing. This is my first rodeo and I’m not fooling or pushing myself. I just wanna finish and then next year, maybe finish with a better time.

Last night, I almost ruined the effects of my happy-fun-time walk with a super gigantic larger than normal bowl of Mac and Cheese. But I pulled out my medicine ball and did crunches. I’m pretty sure that helped. Or at least I’m gonna pretend it did.

In other news, I’m also pretty sure the Mac and Cheese is responsible for making me dream about sock monkeys all night. It was a little weird in dreamville, let me tell you… Kinda Sock Monkeys meet Willie Wonka meet Danny Elfman…

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