I’ll take it!

So this morning, I was given the best compliment ever. I was told I look like Scarlett Johansson from the Avengers. Now, do I believe that? No. Will I ride the waves of awesome from that compliment? HELL YES.

OK, I scanned the internetwebs to see if I could find some remotely normal (as in not sexified hot) pics of Scarlett to make a comparison.

Hmmmm. Well, we both have red hair and a nice rack…but that’s about it. However, I’ll take it. I’ll take it and run…NO TAKE BACKS!

Since today is pretty awesome I’m gonna share some Weird, random, and ultimately unimportant things about me that will help you from confusing me with Scarlett Johansson. (Cuz you know it’s been really hard up until today)

  • I’m a Pisces (Scarlett is a Scorpio…which means she and I would get along well.)
  • I misspell Pisces every time I type it.
  • I don’t like ‘old’ movies. Or musicals (with the exception of two or three)
  • I read my first romance novel when I was 13. (Kathleen Woodiwiss)
  • I don’t eat shredded coconut because it tastes like grass.
  • If it comes between chocolate or lemon dessert…it’s lemon every time.
  • The cotton in Aspirin bottles makes me cringe. As does velour. 
  • I’ve seen Cinderella & Ozzy at least 5 times in concert. 
  • For the longest time, I wanted to have a little girl and name her Mandolin Rain. Yes. After the song. Yes. There’s a reason I only had boys…
  • I love the smell of leather and new money. 
  • Other than my engagment/wedding rings, I’ve only received 1 other piece of jewelry as a gift in my entire life. 
  • I love getting flowers on random days,  but not if that’s all I get for holidays/special occasions. (I think that’s lazy and shows lack of interest). I’d rather get daisies or sunflowers than roses.
  • I like big butts and I cannot lie.
  • Flamingos are my favorite animal. 
  • I love sock monkeys. 
  • I dream of owning a bar on a beach and living in an apartment above it.
  • I wanted to be a soap star when I was in high school. 
  • My first fishing pole was a Snoopy rod-n-reel. My daddy says I threw it into the lake the moment I got my first bite. I say it was Nessie who wrenched the pole from my death grip.
  • My first nickname was French Fry.
  • My first kiss was the summer between 6th and 7th grade on a raft in the middle of the lake.
  • I once made out for hours with my boyfriend in the sheep barn at the Arkansas State Fair.
  • In college, a group of friends and I climbed Pinnacle Mountain after dark. We were on our way down when suddenly we heard ‘HIKERS! COME DOWN FROM THE MOUNTAIN.’ We had been cold busted by park control. Luckily no one got a ticket. 
  • I have a crush on Steve from Blue’s Clues.

So now there is NO WAY you would possibly confuse me with Scarlett Johansson… You’re welcome.

Hope you guys have a fantastic weekend. I will be working and playing. And of course, smiling and sparkling. Because that’s what you do when you’re awesome….

break over.

Trinity likes wearing my Sock Monkey hat. As she should. So Thanksgiving was nice. The food was yummy and the drama was minimal. (IT IS A MIRACLE!) Check it out. I had some Thanksgiving Hammock Time…

Not pictured: Red Wine.

I didn’t have the boys this Turkey Day, so at their request on Wednesday night, we had breakfast for dinner as our Thanksgiving celebration. It was very tasty, if I do say so myself.

Friday, El Jefe and I headed to Birdrunner’s house to watch the game. I’m sorry our hogs lost, but the fact that the only two teams that beat them were both #1 at the time, makes me quite proud to be a Razorback.

Saturday it RAINED ALL THE RAIN. And I stayed inside and did ALL THE ORGANIZING EVER. And laundry.El Jefe and I also embarked on a Dollhouse marathon…I had only seen 3 of the episodes when it originally aired. OMG that show is amazing.

Sunday, El Jefe and I continued the Dollhouse marathon instead of the other stuffs we had planned to do. We seriously didn’t move from the big couch (aka the bed) and we watched all of season 2 until it was over.

And then we had ALL THE SADS because that show was amazing. Why do all the good shows get cancelled?

Hope your Thanksgiving weekend was lovely.

monkey see; monkey play

Rader P had his 2nd guitar lesson last night and Jag is impressed with how quickly he seems to be picking it up. So my little monkey is now practicing a few chords from BAD MOON RISING.

(there’s monkeys in the video, too. When I pick out a theme, I take it all the way!)

ION I found another four-leaf clover this morning when on the phone with Jenn C. (now with more monkeys)

Okay, well that’s all I have right now, unless you want to hear the story about how I nearly had a stroke while waiting to buy gas last night… Thankfully I was on the phone with Dee for the ENTIRE 40 MINUTES otherwise you would be reading about me in the paper. The headline would either be: Woman Strokes Out Waiting in Line or Woman Goes Mad and Kills All Stupid People at the Kroger Gas Station (FYI, that 2nd headline is probably the most accurate)


It’s gonna storm tonight and rain most of the week through the weekend. That doesn’t make moving stuff from one state to another very fun. (not that moving stuff is fun anyway)

The Mominator’s new bionic shoulder is still giving her trouble but she has more mobility now, which is good. The other good thing is, I got to go shopping for her yesterday. I love shopping.

While shopping for the Mominator yesterday, I found these. I would be the proud new owner of my very own Sock Monkey Slippers had they not all been sized to fit an Oompah Loompah. I WILL own a pair. Soon.Ruby, Kitty G and Chicken Nugget were very happy to see me yesterday. Clementine appears to have abandoned ship. Hopefully she’ll come back around before the storms hit. She does tend to be a wanderer…

I am going to the beach in 15 days and I can’t wait.

And now for your random pet pics…Ruby and Kitty G were yesterday’s subject. Chicken Nugget was being a diva so I didn’t get any shots of him…

happy-fun-time walk

I promised Birdrunner yesterday that I would stop referring to our exercising as DEATH MARCHES (even though they totally are). From this point forward our death marches daily jaunts will be referred to as HAPPY-FUN-TIME WALKS. This picture is me, being happy about my happy-fun-time exercising. I’m totally stoked, can’t you see? (and man, do I rock those short shorts and strapless cone bra. I’m not sayin’…I’m just sayin’) I also do my happy-fun-time exercising in red stilletos, just for the challenge. I hear it does wonders for your calves…

I’ve added some toning exercises to my daily workouts. Here let me show you my latest workout for my booty.

This is one of my favorite workout outfits. Don’t let the garter belt fool you, it’s surprisingly comfortable! And my booty is looking better everyday.

Yesterday’s happy-fun-time walk consisted of 4 miles in under an hour. Not bad for this ol’ gal who hasn’t been anywhere near a walk in almost a month. My stroll tends to be a 15 minute mile, so anything under that I’m happy with. I’m hoping for the half marathon I can finish under 3.5 hours, but I’ll be happy with finishing. This is my first rodeo and I’m not fooling or pushing myself. I just wanna finish and then next year, maybe finish with a better time.

Last night, I almost ruined the effects of my happy-fun-time walk with a super gigantic larger than normal bowl of Mac and Cheese. But I pulled out my medicine ball and did crunches. I’m pretty sure that helped. Or at least I’m gonna pretend it did.

In other news, I’m also pretty sure the Mac and Cheese is responsible for making me dream about sock monkeys all night. It was a little weird in dreamville, let me tell you… Kinda Sock Monkeys meet Willie Wonka meet Danny Elfman…

monkey love

Internetz, have I ever told you how much I love sock monkeys?

Do you wanna know how happy I was when I arrived at El Jefe’s house Friday night to find this little happy waiting for me?El Jefe wins bonus points and a cookie! Oh yes. I love my sock monkey hat. I will wear it and you will love me in it.

And you know what else happened that’s related to sock monkeys? Nemo (my 16 year old) gave me this sock monkey last night when I returned home. Yes, it was a sock monkey weekend all around!

The men in my life did all right by me this weekend. Yay!

Did y’all have a good weekend? I have stuff to catch up on, so fill me in!

Flamingos, Sock Monkeys & 4-Leaf Clovers OH MY!

These things make me happy.

and btw, I found 10 4-Leaf Clovers yesterday. Or was it 11? I can’t remember. But you can see them here.

Okay, I don’t know why I find 4-leaf clovers so easily. I wish I could tell you. I joke about it being because I’m part Leprechaun, but now I wonder if that’s a joke at all. Because I do sparkle a lot. And I look awesome in green. And I have dye my hair red. And I find 4-leaf clovers almost every day….without really looking for them.

That’s the weird part. Ask my kids. Ian spent hours looking the other day, I walked outside, over to the patch of clover where he was, and just picked one. It’s truly bizarre.

Wanna know whats funny? I’m a little superstitious about 4-leaf clovers. For instance:

  1. I believe if you think you saw a 4-leaf clover and you pick it only to discover it was a 3-leaf that fooled you, then you won’t find another 4 -leaf clover for a while. You may also have bad luck…or at least a bad day.
  2. If you see a 4-leaf clover in a patch but don’t pick it immediately, it won’t be there when you go back for it. I think my family the Leprechauns move it.
  3. If you find one 4-leaf clover in a patch, chances are, there are more.
  4. If you go back to the same patch where you found a 4-leaf clover, you will continue to find them. My family The Leprechauns reward you for your 4-leaf clover faith.

So what do you think? I know there are lots of you out there who never find 4-leaf clovers, and that’s a foriegn concept to me. Do you think maybe I’m part Leprechaun? Or is this some weird genetic mutation? I mean, let’s get real. It’s not a super power or anything. I totally love finding 4-leaf clovers, but it’s not like I get lucky am the luckiest person on earth or anything…

"home" sorta

Actually, I fly back to Little Rock tomorrow, but I’m no longer at the beach. Sadness does not begin to explain how I feel. I love the beach. I was separated at birth from the beach. The beach and I are soul mates.

Now if I could only get the Fishdog on board with my constant, unyielding need for the beach.

Last night, I started reading FIRST YOU RUN by Roxanne St. Claire. How have I missed her books? Can someone please explain this to me? This book hooked me immediately and even though I was so tired from traveling last night, I couldn’t put the damn thing down. Of course, this meant I had to buy her back list. Amazon.com loves me.

Seriously, if you like Romantic Suspense, run out and buy her Bullet Catcher books. NOW YOU DIE was released on Wednesday. Sockmonkey was on the program…where have I been?

There are 6 books in the series, but the last three are a trilogy all on their own. So, click these links and buy those books. Go ahead, I’ll wait..


There. Don’t you feel better? I know I do.

more on the beach..

Sockmonkey buckles up for our long drive!
We arrive in Destin, only to discover Tropical Bitch Fay was following us. Sockmonkey sat in the window begging Fay to go to hell.
Maria, Louisa and I take a walk on the beach. These perfectly pedicured toes belong to me and louisa!
This is just before Tropical Bitch Fay showed up.
And this is just after Tropical Bitch Fay went away.

It rained on Monday, but we’ve had beautiful weather since then.Look at those WAVES!