2011: Month of Mel Day 22: spring!

This morning I’m enjoying my coffee on my screened-in-porch watching the kittehs wreak havoc in the yard. No dead bird gifts so far, but it’s not for lack of trying…Clementine has also been skulking after the bunnies. Let’s hope she’s unsuccessful this year; sadly she wasn’t last year. She is hard.

I’m also blogging from my iPad today. (all hail ¡el jefe!). I’m using the touchscreen keyboard which is relatively easy to use. I’m even using both hands…and honestly I thought it would be more like texting than typing. So even tho I miss my baby Mac, my darling iPad looks to be a good substitute until I can get Mac fixed. iPad needs a name though. Will gladly take suggestions.

It’s going to be warm again today but it seems kinda overcast. I am supposed to walk with Birdrunner this afternoon so the weather better cooperate.

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