2011: Month of Mel; Day 23

Yesterday I had a bit of a set back and my personal sparkle dulled for a while. Dudes, I’m not a big fan of dull so yesterday didn’t work for me at all.

I’m better today. Much better. It’s amazing how little notes and phone calls from friends can make you light up like a sparkler. I will never forget how lucky I am to have the people in my life that I do. I am good at surrounding myself with awesome. 🙂

And look! Sparkle Plenty can be yours, too!

But only if you’re a girl…

You know what else made me feel better? Watching Daniel Tosh Completely Serious on Netflix. Holy Crappin’ Damn he’s funny. And sooooo not right. Which makes me love him even more. Here’s an example of the awesome. It is sooooo very NSFW (unless you wear headphones…)

I got people to see and stuffs to do today. I’m having my Bday lunch with my bestie from high school on Friday. Yay for Sushi! Can’t wait!

Happy Humpday. Or Wine Wednesday. However you choose to celebrate…you know there’s no judgement here…

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