2011: Month of Mel day 25: Let them eat SUSHI!

Jenner, my High School BFF (pictured here with our friend Nick who (sadly) will not be with us today), will be joining me today for a late birthday lunch. She was unable to make my dinner, so we are going on a date today.

For Sushi!

I’ve been craving sushi since El Jefe was in Amsterdam and bragging on a daily basis about the sushi he was eating. Now to be honest, it has taken me a while to develop a taste for sushi, mainly because I’m a texture girl and sometimes the rubbery rice is just gross.

BUT I love Wasabi and I love, love, love a yummy tempura roll (which I know is cheating slightly) and I’ve found a couple of other sushi rolls that I really enjoy as well.

We are heading to Sushi Cafe today, and I will probably order their Bento Box lunch plate which offers a plethora of yumminess. And I may have to order some extra sushi on the side…you know, just to get my fill…

It’s supposed to be coldish and rainy this weekend and I asked the boys what they wanted to do and they said, “Chill.” Okay. I’m down with that. It’s actually what I do best… So we’re gonna chill (thank goodness for snuggies) what are you gonna do?

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