2011: Month of Mel Day 29: Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Daddy!

(That’s Cotton to you)

This pic is from my launch party for BITE ME! in August 2009. My hair is redder now and I’m about 20 lbs lighter (and those glasses are at the bottom of Lake Ouachita)… but my daddy still looks the same. 🙂 Here’s some fun trivia about Cotton.

  • He had WHITE hair until he was in his late teens–hence his nickname.
  • He always wore a leather belt with his nickname engraved on the back.
  • I have never heard him call me by my name. It’s either Lissa Jane (my middle name is Renee) or it’s “Gal.”
  • He coached my softball teams for most of my life. This was a blessing and a curse.
  • When he was told Ian’s name after he was born, Daddy asked, “N?” as in L, M, N, O, P?” Sadly, he was not the only person who asked that. And even more sadly, Ian has a friend who has never called him anything other than N. hahaha
  • He taught me to change my oil and tires when I was a teen. (now I have Goodyear for that.)
  • He had 2 favorite sayings when I was growing up: “She’s so ugly she’d have to sneak up on a pail of water to get a drink.” and “Wish in one hand and “mmmmph” in the other and see which one fills up first.” (btw, he always said “mmmmph” and I was in my 20s before I learned that “mmmmph” was actually supposed to be”shit.” The saying never made sense to me until that moment.)
  • His favorite dessert was canned peaches with oreos crushed on top. (I know, right? *shudder*)
  • Nobody can fry fish better.

I would also like to send a shout out and a big HAPPY SWEET 16 to my darling niece TAYLOR MARIE. I love you kiddo and miss you lots and lots. Hope to see you this summer!!!

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