it’s been a while…

Not only is that one of my favorite STAIND songs of all time…it is also an accurate statement when it comes to me and writing.

It has definitely BEEN A WHILE.

A long while.

I wrote something back in the early spring, just as an exercise to see if I could still actually write. It was 5 pages of therapy disguised as fiction. I felt amazingly better after writing (therapy does that, yo) but I didn’t latch on to that feeling and continue to write.

And kinda like exercise, once you stop, it’s really hard to start back.

I’ve talked about it getting back to the keyboard over the past year, but it just hasn’t quite happened. Tonight…that’s changing. I’ve got a writing date with my gal pal Rhonda Stapleton. We’re gonna write at the same time and periodically check in with our progress. Because I have to do this or I’m afraid I’ll lose something I love forever. And I really don’t want that to happen.

Also, I have some stories that I’d like to tell…

Tomorrow, I plan to check in and let you guys know what my word count was. Let’s hope the count will be at least 1…

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