what a weekend

We didn’t do a ton, but we had a ton of fun. My weekend in pictures:

El Jefe and I took a little drive to the Hot Air Balloon Festival where we got a giant helping of redneck and a tiny taste of hot air balloons. We ended the evening at my favorite local German Restaurant.

 Notice the butt-to-butt placement of Black Dog/White cat Dog. These two adore each other in reality, but when they have an audience, they totally ignore each other.

 El Jefe and I took turns dating John Deere….

We had a very disappointing College Game Day. Ruby couldn’t even be bothered to wake up and cheer. El Jefe and I tried to root our teams to victory, when that didn’t happen, we took comfort in cheese dip and Dude.

Dude Vodka. It’s Mountain Dew inspired. And when you mix it with Diet Mountain Dew, you are in for a treat. And possibly a hangover.

Hope your weekend was as awesome as mine.

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