hurry up happy hour

I’ve been fighting a cold. Or something. Actually I have no idea what it is. My chest and throat hurt–but they are DRY, not congested. And I still can’t talk (really? you can stop with the cheering already.) I’ve been doing the hot toddy thing at night which means I’m sleeping really well (who needs nyquil when you have hot tea, honey and scotch?) but I’m still not healed.

So tonight, I’m trying another solution: Antonio Banderas La Bandera

This margarita always cures what ails me. And if I still can’t talk after happy hour, I’m quite certain I won’t give a crap. BECAUSE HONEY BADGER DON’T CARE.

Speaking of booze, this made me LOL. Like for real out loud.

as did this: (which isn’t booze related but whatever)

I’m hungry. I have lunch plans with Laura. It should hurry up and get here before I start looking for condiment packages and crackers. What? Surely I’m not the only one who’s eaten mustard and saltines in a fit of desperation?

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