here we go again

It’s Monday morning, I’m at my desk but wishing I was still in bed. If you know me at all, this should not surprise you…

We had a fairly uneventful weekend. I mean, other than the heart attack and stroke we had on Friday after paying the vet bill for 2 dogs. Obviously, paying the bill affected them too, as both Ruby and Trinity spent all night in this position:

It was (obviously) very hard work going to the vet. The good news is, Trin Trin is healthy and Ruby-Doo’s skin infection is clearing up.

Saturday I finally regained some of that elusive energy that I’ve spent months trying to find. I’ve been no fun lately, so when I woke up before 8:00 and felt like cleaning, I knew I was getting back on track. I did a little shopping, then came home and scrubbed my bathroom. Sunday, I deloused and defunked the boys’ rooms. Then I took a boiling hot shower in bleach. I may never rid myself of the stench of teenage boy and sweaty feet.

So even though I didn’t get to do anything very exciting, I did accomplish quite a bit. \o/

Are you watching Downton Abbey? OMG I ❤ that show. Last night had me choked up. I’m such a girl.

The Month of Mel is just 10 days away. I’m thinking I should start myself another “to do” list for the year. Give me some fun goals to work toward. Give myself the things I’ve always wanted but have never gotten. Like buy myself a pair of diamond earrings. Get my passport. Go somewhere exotic. Learn to belly dance. Get another tattoo…Should I try for 43 things to do at 43?

Oh and one more thing. Another daffodil popped up over the weekend, so I gave it to one of Baby Bear’s ladies….cool, huh?

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