Month of Mel 2012: Day 2

It’s Day 2 of the Month of Mel and it’s already been a banner month! (get it? Banner? and I posted a Month of Mel banner? See what I did there?)

It’s going to be 80 degrees today. It’s like Mother Nature is bowing down to my awesomeness and granting me my every wish. Well, my current weather wish… I’m wearing sandals today! I’m so happy I got a pedicure a couple of weeks ago…

Robyn (formerly known as Birdrunner, currently known as Bell Bottoms) and I have been planning a super fun combo housewarming/birthday party. There will be disco balls, gold lame’ and white suits galore! I can’t wait! We are gonna party like it’s 1979 next weekend.

I’m working on a fabulous playlist. Any suggestions? Don’t worry, I’ve got the BeeGees and Donna Summer…and definitely we’ll have some Copa Cabana! Can’t have a disco without a little Barry Manilow.

Her name is Lola, she is a showgirl…with yellow feathers in her hair and a dress cut down to there…

OH guess what? I got my first Month of Mel prezzie last night. I heart my friends who love to play along…

Happy Friday! Sparkle on my friends!

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