Month of Mel 2012: The final week

Sorry I haven’t been around this week. I hurt my shoulder doing yard work on Sunday, I took Monday off because I could barely turn my head or lift my arm. After applying heat to it for a few hours, El Jefe worked his magic and managed to ‘pop’ it back into place. Thank the gods, because, OUCH. That was unpleasant.

Yesterday wasn’t a good day, so I decided to stay away from the interwebs. Really it was best I did.

I played on Pinterest a while…It’s a fun way to relax, but I’m not a Pinterest ho like a lot of folks. I did find some fun things so check them out if you feel like it.

I’d give just about anything for this ring. I ❤ it hard.

Source: via Mel on Pinterest

And this reminded me of Phoebe in Friends. I loved Phoebe.

Here’s the actual clip from Friends. Now be sure and hold your lobster’s claw when you are going for a walk in your tank tonight.

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