Operation Bootylicous Workout #5


I saw this workout on Pinterest yesterday and decided to modify it to fit my needs.

I actually had planned to do the 80 lunges and go into the 70 squats, but that changed when I got to 30 lunges. I’m just not there yet.  Because of the arthritis in my elbows, I have a very hard time with planks and push ups, so I made an adjustment to suit my body.

I did this set twice, and by the end, I was winded and wobbly. The sign of a very good workout! And it was a nice change of pace from what I’ve been doing. You know, I don’t wanna be bored…

Last night, I was ravenous about an hour after the workout. I had eaten a big green salad prior, and had a high protein shake afterward, but apparently my body needed more. Unfortunately, it was 9:00 and I don’t eat that late, so I fixed myself some green and roasted dandelion root tea and toughed it out. However, when I woke up this morning, I made myself a yummy little egg and cheese open-faced sandwich on the Pepperidge farm thin whole wheat bread because my stomach had tried to eat my spine overnight.

Increase in hunger is to be expected when your metabolism is kicking into gear, but sadly, I’m not a runner who is competing and needs to fuel up on as many calories as I burn. I’m a girl who is trying to lose weight, and has to remind herself that the point of exercising is to burn the calories…not to jump into a vat of cheese dip and while eating all the chips just because you exercised…


In other, non-workout and whiny because I’m hungry news: Pearl is up and running again! Ian’s dad helped us out with purchasing a new battery and she seems to be purring like a kitten. She still needs to have some tweaks done to her, so we’ll take her in next week and have her looked at. I drove her today, to make sure she was safe. I don’t want Ian carting the 4 year old he’s babysitting around in Pearl if she’s going to break down again… Looks like we’re a go, for take off! yippee!

Ian and Pearl

Ian and Pearl

Life is good, bitches. Live a genuine life and be happy. Or else I might have to get stabby all up in this place. Don’t be taking shit for granted, ya hear?

Honestly? What is wrong with people?

Look. I get it. There’s humor in everything. I can make fun of my State-sized ass. I can tease my skinny friends out of love and envy. I can take a joke… But I’m a grown-ass woman who is comfortable in her skin.

What I can’t take is people being mean. Just mean. Because kids see it and they take that shit to heart. Especially young girls.

Yesterday I was looking for motivational stuff on pinterest and humorous e-cards and I came across this and I nearly had a stroke.

“inner beauty is for fat people”

First off, fuck you.

Secondly, I know some people of all shapes and sizes that need a dose of inner beauty. Size does not matter.

But most importantly. WHY WOULD YOU MAKE SOMETHING LIKE THIS? There are teenage girls everywhere, searching for anything to make them feel more secure and less ugly. They’re awkward. They still have their baby fat at 14 but their friends are tall and thin. They hope to hell the Ugly Duckling story is true…so they search for anything to make them feel hope….and they see this.


So we had a conversation about it on FB yesterday.

Sorry, some of the comments are doubled, but you get the picture.

The fact is, kids are impressionable. You tell a little girl she’s beautiful on the inside or has a great personality and one day somebody will like her, then what you get is a little girl who believes she’ll never be pretty. Or that she’ll always be fat and that fat isn’t beautiful. If you mock a little girl for not having boobs to wear that dress or for wearing a slut dress, that little girl hears that boobs are what’s important in life and that she’s a slut. If you tell a little girl her thighs are too big for that short skirt, you’ll get a little girl who believes she has fat thighs–even if they’re all muscle.

Why do we shame people like this? No wonder it’s so hard for people to overcome their childhood issues.

You can say what you want to me or about me. I don’t care. Like I said, I am comfortable in my own skin and your opinion of me doesn’t matter. But when these messages get out and young, impressionable minds see them, it breaks my heart. Growing up, I was that girl. Had I seen this as a teen, I think it would have broken me.

Anyway, just be nice to each other, okay? And remember, everyone is beautiful. Their actions may be ugly sometimes, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have something beautiful inside them.

/end rant.

feelin’ SASSY!

I’m talking about motivation, failure and success at FCR today. Go forth and read.

I thought I was going to gnaw my arm off yesterday afternoon around 4:30. I’ve been eating a ton of protein, but I guess my activity increase has motivated my metabolism to jump into gear, (this is a good thing) and by yesterday afternoon, I could’ve chased down a wildebeest and eaten it live in 4.5 seconds.

Instead, I went home and hurriedly put together a very high protein wrap and drank some roasted dandelion tea.  And I was full for the rest of the night.

And I woke this morning, full sass and sparkle. I hope you guys are wearing your shades, because I’m shining bright!

So rapid topic change…some of you folks need to stop taking FB so damn seriously. For REALZ. First off, if you have to qualify every freakin’ post on your own page with something like “Don’t be a hater, but…” or “This is MY opinion only, don’t hate…” then probably, you’re wrapping your ‘opinion’ in a bundle of judgement. And that’s okay, it’s your page, but if you’re not comfortable with the response you are going to get, then probably you should rethink your post.  Either own your feelings or bury them on the inside. Stop getting so defensive. (Probably, you wouldn’t be so defensive if you didn’t have some passive-aggressive alternate point to your post anyway.)

Just know, if you’re always posting life drama or hating on someone or ‘qualifying’ all your ‘controversial’ opinions…I’m hiding you from my news feed. I don’t need the negativity. I’ve spent months ridding myself of it…and since I find FB to be a place to be playful and fun, your constant pettiness and vitriol is not for me. You’re welcome to continue to drown yourself in it–it’s your page after all. I just choose to smile and click “hide from news feed.”

And this…is how I choose to live. It’s amazing how great I feel now that I’ve changed my attitude. It was a lot of work (and still is) but it was totally worth it.

Happy Tuesday! I hit the gym at lunch, am walking after work, then I’m getting my lashes refilled. Tomorrow is supposed to be hella stormy, and seriously, I’m kind of excited about it. I love a good spring thunderstorm…as long as nobody is hurt.

Stay sassy and carry on, bitches!

weekend wrap up…

New movies watched:


I absolutely adored both movies. They were each very funny and The Cabin in the Woods was absolutely fantastic! Well written (duh…it’s Joss Whedon), hysterical, campy and a little creepy.

Saturday, I spent the morning with my BFF from high school and her family, then we had lunch. Afterward, I made another VERY SUCCESSFUL Pinterest recipe It was melt-in-your-mouth fabulous.

This is what it looks like before it is done. Sorry I forgot to snap a pic of after…but trust me, it was pretty and delicious. El Jefe calls the crockpot the Magic Food Bowl. heh You put regular stuff in and a few hours later, magic happens and deliciousness comes out. Yep, that’s pretty much what happens.

Saturday night I delivered half of the roast, potatoes and greenbeans to my friends and hung out with Bit for a while. She dubbed me Princess Pink (even though she assigned yellow to me as my favorite color.) She was Princess Purple and she wore her sparkly shoes. We both had on tiaras and I was instructed that next time I come over, I have to wear my sparkly shoes, too. Terms I am happy to comply with.

Then it was movie time:

Sunday was sunny and beautiful and the perfect day for soccer. The final score was 1-1. There were some not so great calls and some parents who were not so great examples by yelling at the refs and calling for red cards every few minutes. And they wonder why their kids act like assholes on the field? Because their parents act like assholes on the sidelines…

And Sunday night, I enjoyed a trip down memory lane with Ian as I forced him to watch HEE HAW while we waited on Boardwalk Empire to start. Apparently he didn’t find HEE HAW nearly as funny as I did. Neither did El Jefe, who quickly left the scene for the safety of the bedroom. Humph.

There’s just no accounting for some people’s taste…or lack there of, huh?

Hope you guys had a great weekend. Mine was filled with love, laughter and some fantastic food…which means I’m all smiles today.

pinterest SUCCESS

I tried my first Pinterest recipe last night…and boy was it YUMMY!

We had homemade Mac and Cheese, bacon-wrapped Talapia, and stuffed crab shells. OMG. So freaking good. (FYI, the stuffed crab shells were from the seafood deli in Kroger. On sale for $1.00 each with Kroger card. It was a damn good deal and mighty tasty.) It was the only thing on our plate that I didn’t fix last night. Now Jefe knows why I love watching cooking shows like Top Chef so much. I get ideas and then I CREATE! Cooking…it’s food science!

I can’t wait to get home and eat some more Mac and Cheese. And now that I’ve made the recipe once, I have some ideas on how to tweak it. I used only Half and Half in the recipe and I think I needed to mix it up with milk. It’s very rich…and would be fantastic with lobster, scallops or crabmeat (or all of the above). Next time I’ll probably leave out the Dijon mustard. I didn’t use much, but it was still a pretty strong flavor.

Have you seen PinterestFail.com yet? I love that blog. “Where good intentions go to die.” HAH!

In Itty Bitty Kitteh news…she still has no name…but she is settling in quite nicely.

Ruby is apparently still circling her. Jefe says she’s like a little annoying black shark. I guess new kitty smell is addictive…

things i’ve learned being at home all week

  • Kathie Lee and Hoda make my brain hurt. DO.NOT.WANT.
  • Ditto for Rachael Ray.
  • I can totally make organic everything, yummy food, plan an imaginary wedding, decorate my imaginary house, and go on a fantasy vacation thanks to a couple of hours spent staring at Pinterest.
  • I despise everything Mitt Romney stands for and it’s going to be hard to keep my mouth shut. And I probably won’t but I’ll try to only use my Tumblr account to spout off about his moronic, hypocritical politics. The ONLY good thing about this election year is that Sarah Palin isn’t involved. Speaking of morons…/political ranting
  • I love talking to El Jefe about everything from plotting my stories to spending our lottery winnings. 
  • I wish I could go to work in my pajamas.
  • I used to find Daniel Tosh funny but after his recent “jokes” about rape, I’ve changed my mind. Rape isn’t funny, kid. Grow up.
  • Viacom needs to suck it up and give DirecTV customers access to Comedy Central again. This pissing contest is for the birds.  
  • Nancy Grace is a bitch. She has no compassion.
  • Melinda Gates is awesome.
  • Aaron Sorkin has done it again. The Newsroom is one of the best shows on TV right now.
  • I miss my kids even though I’ve been sickly all week. I even miss Rader’s non-stop talking. 

Month of Mel 2012: The final week

Sorry I haven’t been around this week. I hurt my shoulder doing yard work on Sunday, I took Monday off because I could barely turn my head or lift my arm. After applying heat to it for a few hours, El Jefe worked his magic and managed to ‘pop’ it back into place. Thank the gods, because, OUCH. That was unpleasant.

Yesterday wasn’t a good day, so I decided to stay away from the interwebs. Really it was best I did.

I played on Pinterest a while…It’s a fun way to relax, but I’m not a Pinterest ho like a lot of folks. I did find some fun things so check them out if you feel like it.

I’d give just about anything for this ring. I ❤ it hard.

Source: etsy.com via Mel on Pinterest

And this reminded me of Phoebe in Friends. I loved Phoebe.

Here’s the actual clip from Friends. Now be sure and hold your lobster’s claw when you are going for a walk in your tank tonight.

yeah yeah. sorry ’bout that

Sorry I forgot to blog yesterday. I was too busy being awesome to get around to it.

I know I have at least ONE regular reader who is sad about that. Not sad that I’m awesome, but sad I was too busy to share it.

Good news is, I’m here now.

I AM TAKING FRIDAY OFF AND IT IS MARGARITA THURSDAY! YAY! It does not suck to be me today. (or ever. Let’s face it. ^ see the part about awesome.)

Here’s my latest cool cat pic. The cool side of the pillow wishes it was Clementine.

Who’s the cat that won’t cop out, when there’s danger all about? Shaft? No. Clementine, right on.
Source: None via Mel on Pinterest

Y’all have a great weekend. I hope to have more awesome for you next week!

new addiction

Yes. I’m totally addicted to the new photo apps…but I’m also addicted to Pinterest. I swore I wasn’t gonna give in to my urges and sign up…yet, here I am. All signed up. Follow me if you want. I have no idea what all I’m going to be pinning, but hey, it could be interesting.

For instance, I saw this yesterday and it was my first pin… Or technically, it was my first “repin” but whatever.

I love this and I think EVERYONE should read it and apply it. 

In other addiction news, it’s Super Cheese Tuesday (also known as game day) and  Rader is wearing another of his amazing outfits. He really knows how to piece together a look.

The coach just asks them to wear a tie on game day. The rest of the outfit…is all Rader. You’re welcome.