boys and their momma

Here’s Rader and his 8th grade graduation:

and here he is today, his 2nd day in high school:

What a difference 4 months (and a couple of haircuts) can make…

Last night El Jefe and I had a houseful of boys. I didn’t cook because Ian and his best friend Ben had gone out to eat with Ben’s parents and because we had plenty of leftovers from Monday night’s awesome pan-roasted chicken.

I love the fact that the boys want to come and hang out at the house, but sometimes it feels really, really crowded. Our house is more like a cottage and with only 1 living room and 1 couch and a dining table…so when we’re watching TV, we are all on top of each other.

But that’s okay for me, I love that they wanna be there–I just wish they didn’t always wanna be right on top of me… haha. I’m very lucky though. How many teenage boys do you know that come to their mom’s room at 10:00 (her bed time) and make sure they give her a hug and a kiss goodnight? Yeah, I’ve got two amazing kids. I’m pretty proud.

Now to get Ian situated to start college next week. Wow. August 2012 is turning out to be a big month for the Francii.

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