Round 2

Boot(y)camp started back again last night. This time, it’s 14 sessions over 8 weeks. Every Monday and Wednesday night (except Halloween and the Wed. prior to Turkey Day)

I’ll admit I was a little, shall we say, lax on my eating and exercising duties during the week and a half hiatus. I had good intentions, but…well, you know that means I’ll see you in Hell on my newly paved road, right?

Anyway, I was dreading the start back because I had been so sloth-like, however, the class went really well. I was able to do more than I was when we left and I wasn’t short of breath like I thought I would be. So, it’s all good and I felt great after it was over.

However, I peed every damn hour and a half last night. WTF?  /TMI

I have to get a little more stringent about my walking/running schedule. I did well for about a month…I think the problem is, I just don’t want to make it a priority. I have to, though. Mainly because I’ve signed up for the Half Marathon and I’m not gonna go down without a fight.

Okay, I’m off like a prom dress! See you guys tomorrow!

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